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2010 Committees

Trustees: Norble L. Derrington II (Buck) Michael W. Woods Robert J. Anderson, PM (Bob)

Hall Association Board: Bud Gurney, President Bill Anderson, Vice President John Baxter, Secretary/Treasurer George W. Hains Bob Anderson, WM Buck Derrington, SW

Auditing William C. Penca, PM Robert McCarthy

Sickness & Distress Norble L. Derrington, SW (Buck)

Widows Michael D Woods

Public Schools Jason Cochan

Constitution Observance Walter Ouimette

Trestleboard Bob Anderson, WM Bob Kennedy, PM

Delinquent Dues Paul T. Davidson

Charity Master & Wardens

Candidates’ Coaches Jimmy A. Poe (805) 735-1121

Funeral Masters & Committee Bud Gurney

Masonic Education William Penca, PM

Finance and Fundraising Elected Officers Robert McCarthy (805) 736-7305

Lodge Web Site Creation &

Maintenance Open for anyone interested


Today, Brethren, we are at a crossroads. The view from the west is a look retrospectively, on our lives as world citizens, as Americans, as Masons. We look over our shoulders at the good old days. Back when times were good, when our country was prosperous, when our lodge was a gathering place for people of all ages, different backgrounds, and different opinions. Those days were truly golden. When we could gather and share our views and do so respecting one another.

Times have changed. Many of us cling to our memories. The challenge before us, today, is how we can change to meet the new challenges of a new age. Many issues divide us. These issues of a world in turmoil and a people struggling to find common ground are not much different from the issues affecting our fraternity. How can we navigate these waters? Perhaps we should focus on those values which unite and not those that divide us. We can choose to set aside the issues that split us while maintaining our core values and respecting and celebrating different views and opinions of one another.

Change is never easy and almost never happens over night. We have to work at it. We can look to the basic teachings of the craft. To the words we speak at the opening, closing, and the teaching we speak of at the initiation of a new member. These words are not just words but lessons to live by. If we feel the need to look somewhere for guidance may we look to the very lessons we pass down from generation to generation from Mason to Mason.

Fraternally yours,

Buck Derrington, Senior Warden

March Birthdays

March Raising Anniversaries

1 Aaron E. Basham, E.A. (1976) 6 Bernard A. Sandberg (1917) 9 Sherman A. Hansen (1936) 12 Robert W. Newberry (1965) 16 Raymond W. Gregory (1943) 18 William J. Wagner (1929) 22 Robert E. Eckert (1932) 24 Antonio P. Salandanan (1957) 29 Delbert M. Jepsen (1929) 30 Leroy K. Aandal (1927) 30 Robert G. Gould (1948) 31 Andrew Keim (1978)

Those members with March birthdays are cordially invited to a complimentary dinner at our March Stated Meeting.

1946 George D. Hains, Jr., SW (64) 1952 John A. Payne (58) 1953 Norble L. Derrington, PM (57) 1957 James C. Axtell (53) 1958 Donald L. Crowe (52) 1958 Roland B. Leonard, PM (52) 1962 James M. Phillips, PM (48) 1963 Leonard B. Kelsey (47) 1964 Robert W. De Leve (46) 1970 Alan E. McEwen (40) 1976 Michael W. Axsom (34) 1976 Gaylen D. Little (34) 1976 James E. Falerios (34) 1995 Kenneth L. McCarthy (31) 1995 Marvin T. Hardin (31) 1980 David R. Miley (30) 1982 William R. Holmes (28) 1983 Henry L. Dufrene (27) 1995 Howard G. Mann (15) 2005 Chaz R. King (5) 2006 Michael L. Burford (4) 2008 Albert P. Gsell (2)

If you need a ride to Lodge, call the Secretary at 805-704-7822.

We congratulate these brethren on the anniversary of their raising. These 22 members represent 798 years of Masonic life.

Remember that March birthdays and all widows are invited to eat at our Stated Meeting Dinner for free. Please call our secretary, Bob Kennedy, if you need a ride.

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