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FEDE: It’s fine. He liked it very much.


I’m very glad you like it. I don’t like lip-synching.

REALIZADOR: ¿Qué coño dice?

FEDE: Que se siente halagado.

REALIZADOR: ¿Qué coño quiere?

FEDE: No lo sé. No ha dicho nada.

JOHNNY: I prefer live music.

FEDE: Pero que prefiere tocar en directo.

JOHNNY: It’s like if another person were singing. Not me. It’s not my voice, it’s not my song, but it was me, I know, but it is not me.

REALIZADOR: ¿Qué coño cuenta?

FEDE: Que no le ha sonado muy bien.

REALIZADOR: El disco es suyo, que lo hubiera grabado bien.

JOHNNY: I want to say what I sing. I want to say it by myself. To sing by myself.

REALIZADOR: No, que no. Que está muy bien. Muy bien. Very good. Very good. Very convincible! Que en montaje lo arreglamos. Dile que en montaje lo arreglamos. Very good. Así vale.

FEDE: It’s been a pretty good recording.

JOHNNY: Really? I’m happy to hear you saying that. I’m happy because I prefer to sing, to play by myself, to say what I want to say, what I feel in this moment. It’s different live music.

FEDE: Yes I know, but it’s difficult to do that on TV. Technical troubles. Production costs are very expensive, you know.

JOHNNY: I know it’s difficult.

FEDE: It’s better this way. Lip-synching’s the best... For Television.

JOHNNY: It’s true.

FEDE: Believe me... It’s been a very good recording.

JOHNNY: I can’t move my mouth very well.


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