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JENNIFER: You asked me what’s my pleasure

FEDE: En dos contesta batería y sigue cantando.

JENNIFER: “A movie or a measure?”

FEDE: En dos estribillo con guitarra de fondo.

JENNIFER: I’ll have a cup of tea and tell you of my dreaming.

JENNIFER: Cuando lo vi no pude creerlo. Era un milagro. Quise gritar, abrazarle, quise besarle, pero me volví. Me escondí, no quise que me viera... No quise que supiera... que yo... Que no supiera...

FEDE: En dos vuelve a cantar.

JENNIFER: I don’t want to live on charity.

FEDE: Contesta batería y sigue cantando.

JENNIFER: Pleasure’s real or is it fantasy?

FEDE: En dos contesta batería y sigue cantando.

JENNIFER: Real to real is living rarity

FEDE: En dos entran coros sigue cantando.


“Stranded in the jungle” NEW YORK DOLLS bajan las escaleras de Max’s. Visten travestidos de mujer.

JOHNNY: El primer día que bajamos las escaleras de Max’s. Max’s Kansas City. En Nueva York.

LOS DOLLS: I crashed in the jungle while trying to keep a date With my little girl who was back in the States I was stranded in the jungle, afraid, alone Trying to figure a way to get a message back home But how was I to know that the wreckage of my plane Had been picked up and spotted and my girl in Lover's Lane

Meanwhile, back in the States

Baby, baby, let's make romance You know your old-time lover hasn't got a chance He's stranded in the jungle, sad as he can be So come on pretty baby, just you and me


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