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6. Broken Record or Repeated Refusal. Keep saying “no” over and over again. It will buy you some time to use another refusal technique or be an annoyance.

7. Cold Shoulder or Ignore. Avoid directly confronting the person. Turn your shoulder and talk to someone else or just ignore them like you don’t hear them.

8. Avoid the Situation. Common sense tells you the places and times where there maybe problems with peer pressure. Avoid these situations.

9. Strength in numbers. The truth is simple. If you surround yourself with friends that make good choices then you will too. The opposite is true as well. One of your most important choices you can make is the choice of your friends. Choose to hang out with non-users.

Important points to remember:

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    Even at a young age you can be a great example for other kids when you say ‘no’ to

drugs and alcohol.

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    Respect yourself and your family by not causing harm to your body.

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    Your parents are relying on you to be responsible. Show them that they can trust you. --

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    Resist being with people that are making bad choices.

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    Become active in things to meet new people and learn new skills.

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    Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help from someone you trust

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