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For each statement, write in the appropriate letter: A Agree B Undecided or Don’t Know C Disagree

Be as frank as possible. Try not to second-guess how a creative person might respond. Turn to Appendix 1 to find the answer key and an interpretation of your scores.

    • 1.

      I always work with a great deal of certainty that I am following the correct procedure for solving a particular problem.

    • 2.

      It would be a waste of time for me to ask questions if I had no hope of obtaining answers.

    • 3.

      I concentrate harder on whatever interests me than do most people.

    • 4.

      I feel that a logical, step-by-step method is best for solving problems.

    • 5.

      In groups, I occasionally voice opinions that seem to turn some people off.

    • 6.

      I spend a great deal of time thinking about what others think of me.

    • 7.

      It is more important for me to do what I believe to be right than to try to win the approval of others.

    • 8.

      People who seem uncertain about things lose my respect.

    • 9.

      More than other people, I need to have things interesting and exciting.

  • 10.

    I know how to keep my inner impulses in check.

  • 11.

    I am able to stick with difficult problems over extended periods of time.

  • 12.

    On occasion, I get overly enthusiastic.

  • 13.

    I often get my best ideas when doing nothing in particular.

  • 14.

    I rely on intuitive hunches and the feeling of “rightness” or “wrongness” when moving toward the solution of a problem.

  • 15.

    When problem solving, I work faster when analyzing the problem and slower when synthesizing the information I have gathered.

  • 16.

    I sometimes get a kick out of breaking the rules and doing things I am not supposed to do.

  • 17.

    I like hobbies that involve collecting things.

  • 18.

    Daydreaming has provided the impetus for many of my more

important projects.

19. I like people who are objective and rational.

20. If I had to choose from two occupations other than the one I now have, I would rather be a physician than an explorer.

21. I can get along more easily with people if they belong to about the same social and business class as myself.


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