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CHART planning information reviewed for this study to derive CHART communications requirements included the following policy guidance: of Maryland Information Technology Master Plan, January 1996

Policy #6: Maryland will promote the use, management, and monitoring of agency and campus-wide Local Area Networks (LANs)

Agencies will network microcomputers and other hardware platforms; the standard will be a connected workforce to promote efficient operations and effective information sharing by agency personnel

The preference is to outsource, lease, and use service level agreements for campus-wide LAN hardware, software, and support services to protect the State from long term investments in rapidly outdated technology

Agencies will plan for the deployment and maintenance of LANs, ensuring the agency uses the appropriate number of correctly trained support personnel

Any Agency LAN will allow interoperability with other LANs and the State Wide Area Network to facilitate data exchange and information sharing

Policy #7: Maryland will converge and expand the existing voice, video, data, telecommunications, and wireless technology into a homogeneous, ubiquitous Wide Area Network supporting efficient, effective Statewide communications

The preference is to out-source, lease, and use service level agreements for the Wide Area Network, consisting of the State voice, video, data, and wireless networks, to protect Maryland from long term investments in rapidly outdated technology

Planning for future use of telecommunications networks will involve a review of voice, video, data, and wireless networks for economies of scale and development of a Statewide network architecture which supports agency needs and achieves universal citizen access

The State strongly encourages the application of wireless technology

Policy #12: Maryland will aggressively capture, analyze, understand, share, electronically exchange, and manage data

The most appropriate agency or department will capture data once, as close to the source as possible

Agencies and departments will share data with all other parties and agencies which require use or knowledge of the same data consistent with legal constraints

Policy #13: Maryland will use citizen access points, such as the Internet, to provide greater citizen access to government services and increased customer satisfaction

The State’s direction is to give citizens and businesses the ability to request and obtain a full range of government services via the Internet

Agencies will develop, implement, maintain, and enhance Home Pages [such as traveler information via World Wide Web] on the Internet, consistent with the objectives of the State and the Maryland Electronic Capital

Install Traveler Information Park and Ride Public Kiosks


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