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Policy #14: Maryland will base decisions regarding Information Technology (IT) procurements on life-cycle cost and ability to deliver results, as determined through rigorous review of alternatives and cost analysis

The development of alternatives and cost analysis will be in proportion to, and appropriate for, the size, type, and scope of the IT initiative or system development project

The State encourages outsourcing when it is cost effective, there is a significant increase in services provided, or services are provided which cannot be obtained from State resources

For each IT initiative, the agency will identify and quantify tangible and/or intangible benchmarks and benefits, such as improvements in efficiency, universal citizen access, or customer satisfaction, including any Statewide benefits, impact, or use of the proposed technology

The agency will determine the best life-cycle cost by performing a cost analysis; the agency will measure the cost estimates and technical aspects of the selected alternative(s) against the specific benchmarks, benefits, and expected results

Policy #15: Maryland will procure IT utilizing the most expedient, cost effective method

As appropriate, the basis for agreements and contracts governing the delivery of IT and related services, whether provided by a State resource or an outside vendor, will be measurable benchmarks, expected service levels, and desired results

Policy #16: Maryland will institute a comprehensive approach to staffing and training to develop an Information Technology literate workforce

Agencies will use industry accepted techniques to assess and define the number of employees, experience levels, and specific knowledge required to maintain the current baseline and support the future deployment of IT.  Statewide Fiber Optics Resource Sharing Request for Proposals

Use of existing MCI/TCG fiber between Baltimore and Washington

Identification of hardened surveillance, traveler information system and network component equipment and facilities  I-270 and I-495 Interstate Discretionary Area Wide Invitation For Bids

Construction techniques

Additional hardened network components  Preliminary Design and Analysis Documents

CHART design information reviewed for this study to derive CHART communications requirements included but was not limited to the following:

CHART Functional Analysis

CHART Preliminary Design

CHART System Integration Design Charrette


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