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Questão 10

No homem, as enzimas responsáveis pela digestão dos carboidratos atuam:

  • (A)

    somente na boca;

  • (B)

    somente no estômago;

  • (C)

    somente no duodeno;

  • (D)

    na boca e no duodeno;

  • (E)

    no estômago e no duodeno.



Leia o artigo sobre o time norte-americano de futebol Jets e responda às questões de números 1 a 5 com base no texto.

Text 1:

Hey Jet Fans; Don’t Count Your Chickens Just Yet!

This has been quite the off-season for us Jets fans. After a heart breaking end to the 2008 season, we have seen our team make for some seemingly huge strides.

Eric Mangini has moved on to Cleveland...gas can and matches in hand. Rex ‘Son of Buddy’ Ryan has stepped into the head coaching role, bringing defensive stars Bart Scott and Jim Leonhard with him.

These additions immediately put the Jets defense back on the radar. More importantly, he brought a bit of swagger and a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Something this team has been sorely lacking for way too long.

Sports are as much about ego and attitude as they are about physical skills and attributes. The mono tone stylings of Eric Mangini did nothing to impress or inspire players, media or fans.

Things certainly seem to be looking up for this team and its fans. Or are they? Despite all outward appearances, this is a team that is still only one bad break away from disaster. Several key positions are still floating in limbo.

The Jets are way too thin at way too many positions to truly be successful. Both the defensive and offensive lines, parts of the secondary and, of course, the tight ends are so thin that one injury could sink the entire boat.

Despite all appearances, I’m actually extremely optimistic about the coming season. There are a lot of good things happening with this team too. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of questions.

(www.ganggreennation.com/2009/5/16/877030 Adaptado)

Questão 01

  • O

    título do texto contém parte de um provérbio em inglês, provérbio esse conhecido também

no Brasil. Pelo conteúdo do texto, pode-se inferir que o provérbio foi utilizado no título porque ...

  • (A)

    no futebol, não se pode utilizar cálculos matemáticos para prever o resultado de uma partida.

  • (B)

    o novo goleiro do time certamente não vai “engolir frangos”.

  • (C)

    a configuração de um time de futebol não garante que o time vai ser vencedor.

  • (D)

    um time de futebol não pode contar com jogadores que sejam fracos.

  • (E)

    o número de gols que o time fará depende da atitude positiva de seus jogadores


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