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has little effect on the applications run- ning in the virtual machine guest parti- tions and is fully automated. Consistency groups and time stamped writes ensure database integrity. This solution consists of remote LUN replication between the two geographically dispersed sites. The automated failover of virtual machine resources is directed to the secondary site in the event that the local site goes down, or that a failover is initiated manu- ally either through the Virtual Machine Manager or the Failover Cluster GUI.

  • Hitachi Universal Storage Platform VM Hitachi Universal Storage Platform VM storage systems provide a reliable, scal- able and cost-effective storage founda- tion for the Live Migration over Distance solution. Universal Storage Platform VM brings performance and ease of manage- ment to organizations of all sizes that are dealing with an increasing number of virtualized business critical applications. This platform is ideal for a failover cluster- ing and storage replication environment that demands high availability, scalability and ease of use.

  • Hitachi TrueCopy® Synchronous Hitachi TrueCopy Synchronous software enables administrators to create and main- tain duplicate copies of all user data stored on the Universal Storage Platform VM for data duplication, backup and disaster recovery scenarios. Data is replicated from a primary Universal Storage Platform VM to a secondary Universal Storage Platform VM either in a local data center or across geographically dispersed data centers. With TrueCopy Synchronous replication software, the remote copy of the data is always identical to the local copy. This enables fast restart and data recovery at the remote site.

During normal TrueCopy operations, the primary volumes remain online to all hosts and continue to process both read and write operations. During planned or unplanned outages, the second copy of the data can be invoked to recover or migrate with complete data integrity.

Brocade Networking Infrastructure

  • Brocade LAN and SAN Network Brocade’s end-to-end network enables the virtual server environment and the virtual storage environment to work together seamlessly. Brocade LAN: Brocade’s IP network supports the crucial Live Migration over Distance bandwidth requirements of the virtual machines that will be migrated while maintaining high availability using a combination of highly resilient hardware and software design, and advanced failure detection and traffic protection or restoration schemes. Brocade SAN: Between geographically dispersed sites as is the case with the Live Migration solution, the combination of the Brocade Backbone with the Brocade network extension blade or switch with advanced compression, provides fast, reliable, secure connectivity. Brocade host bus adapters and Enterprise Data Center Fabric Manager (DCFM) complete the end-to-end network solution.


Disaster recovery has long ranked high on organizations’ IT priority lists and its impor- tance is rising. Keeping systems up and operational with full transactional consistency in today’s economic and business climate is paramount. Application downtime or data loss can have costly consequences or even result in the loss of the business.

Replication is a well-known enabler of disaster recovery. However, traditional offerings have brought about unacceptable costs and resource demands, requiring organizations to duplicate the primary server environment at the remote site. By virtual- izing the environment, organizations can reduce physical server expenses at both primary and remote sites while realizing many important benefits.

One of those benefits is Live Migration over Distance. Live Migration over Distance takes disaster recovery to the next level. It enables administrators to perform a planned migration of the entire data center with only a few key strokes and with no fear of user interruption or data loss.

Hitachi Storage Cluster for Microsoft Hyper-V provides failover for any unplanned downtime with minimal user interruption or data loss. However, by using Live Migration to perform a planned migration when time permits, an enterprise can increase its overall application availability. This has been tested and proven in the lab to ensure your success and satisfaction.

For More Information

For more information about the solution, visit www.hds.com/go/HyperV or send an email to HyperV@hds.com. Additionally, you can contact your local Hitachi Data Systems Sales Office or Hitachi Data Systems Authorized Reseller at www.hds.com/contact-sales.html.

For the solution architecture technical white paper, go to: www.hds.com.

For more information about Microsoft virtu- alization, go to: http://www.microsoft.com/ virtualization/en/us/default.aspx.

For more information about Brocade, go to: www.brocade.com.

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