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The ABB i-bus® KNX system is based on KNX technology which is the worldwide standard for intelligent building control in houses and buildings (ISO/IEC 14543). This system from ABB offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions that enables verifiable, energy optimised applications in new and existing buildings.

This study demonstrates with its calculations and investigations that a significant energy saving potential is present through the usage of bus technology as well as room and building automation. The level of potential savings depends on the respective function or the combination of functions.

Overall conclusion: “This study demonstrates that potential savings in energy consumption of up to 40 % in office buildings through the combination of several functions are possible.”

Potential savings for automatic lighting control *

Automatic light (occupancy controlled, not brightness controlled)

Automatic light (occupancy controlled, dependent on brightness)

Automatic light (occupancy controlled constant lighting control)

Automatic light (occupancy controlled constant lighting control with auto- matic blind control [louvre adjustment dependent on position of the sun])

  • *

    Determined by the Biberach University of Applied Sciences with

ABB i-bus® KNX components for usage profile “open-plan office” (usage profile 3 [DIN V 18599-10:2005-07]) in an example building (classical office building) with the 5S IBP:18599 program. The potential savings relate to the energy consumption.

A summary of the results of the study can be downloaded free-of-charge using the following link: http://www.abb.com/knx

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    10 20 30 40 50 60 70

Potential saving compared to manual operation




The research results are included in the study “Energy saving and efficiency potential through the use of bus technology as well as room and building automation”, which was undertaken in 2008 for ABB.

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