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me.  Maybe we changed the course of the World.  The thing that I've done now is going to affect the Future.  That's why I bring the children in on it, the young ones.  We're old now, we're going to be moving on.  But they're going to be here.  Let them know what happened.  I think it's of great importance that those children are going to read this and know what happened and what it came from, and that it was true.  It did happen.  They have to know what's involved and what it's leading to.  They're the ones who will be involved in what it leads to.  From that point-of-view, it's the most important thing I ever did.

ML: Where do you think it does lead to?  You allude in your book to the possibility that maybe there's a "hostile" potential here.

PC: When you're in the military, you always have to figure on that hostile part.  You can't disregard that.  Our motto was "Just in case, we're going to be ready".  What's it going to be in the Future?  We called it at R&D [the Army's Research and Development Department at the Pentagon] the dawn of a new age -- maybe a new world.  The World's not going to stop.  Maybe this was a "seed" that was sown to start a new world.  Look what they did with the [computer] chip -- in just a few years, how it blossomed out into the supercomputer.  I said to General Trudeau, "What are we unleashing on the World, General?  If this can integrate with the brain, there's great danger."  He said, "Yes, Phil.  But the people coming after us -- we hope -- will possibly understand and take this into consideration.  But maybe not in our lifetime."  He didn't see it in his lifetime.  He died 3 years ago.

ML: Do we know how to build the kind of craft that they found at Roswell?

PC: I think that we will know.  Where we were missing out on a lot of this was in the propulsion and guidance systems.  We came to the conclusion years ago -- and now it's starting to take hold even among scientists -- that the reason we missed out on this was that the extraterrestrial himself was the guidance system.  He was part of the system.  We never figured on that.

One day I was walking in the hall with General Trudeau and I turned to him and said, "General, I think that son of mine is a little bit crazy.  He says engines talk to him."  The General turned to me and said, "Phil, don't ever say that again.  People have certain relationships with engines -- with solid matter -- that we don't understand.  But it's there."  See! this is all starting to come forward now.

And it was uncanny that this book had to break when this thing is happening here at Roswell.  I never expected what I saw last night, what I've seen here.  [From the time he arrived in Roswell, Colonel Corso was surrounded by the Press and people seeking interviews.]  Someone like me has always lived in the shadows.  To all at once see this happening around me and I'm a focal point … I feel like I should be home sitting in my easy chair, not here.  And yet last night [at the Friday evening banquet], I was almost mobbed.

ML: Did you know that the American public was this hungry for this information and thus ready to believe you?

PC: Sure I knew.  My nephew is a research director at [-inaudible-] university and I have letters the young man wrote to me.  He said, "Uncle Phil, please tell them to tell us the truth.  We won't pull our hair out or panic.  We want to hear this."  In all of my interviews lately, I've been saying I'm going to prove this to you people.  My own experience: I commanded a battalion of 1500 men.  Average age, 19-and-a-half years old.  Those boys didn't panic and run.  I told my exec[utive

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