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PC: Well, when they go to Mir, they stay up there 2-or-3 months.  And when they come off, they have to be carried off.  Their bones won't hold up.  If they stayed a little longer, they'll never be able to walk.  But the big thing that is not talked about is [that] the brain is affected up there.  [Might that be the reason why those Russian cosmonauts continue to err on the mission and thus endanger the MIR? - Jeroen W.]

ML: How is that?

PC: Gravity, radiation -- it comes right through that ship.  Look at Senator [John] Glenn.  He saw "fireflies" coming through his capsule.  They weren't fireflies -- they were some kind of electromagnetic thing that came through there.  Those [alien] beings are created specifically to travel in space.

ML: Speaking of Senator Glenn, my understanding is that he's sort of ambivalent on the subject of UFOs.  How would you characterize it?

PC: He told me exactly what he was.  I met with Senator Glenn.  I was supposed to meet him for half-an-hour, and he kept me for an hour-and-a-half.  During the course of the conversation, we talked about UFOs and he said, "Colonel, I'm an agnostic."  I said, "But you didn't say you don't believe" and he laughed.  That's his exact word to me -- he's "agnostic".

Then we got into 'Project Horizon'.  I had the whole project [document], 310 pages, and he wanted it.  I had to give it to him.  He was amazed when he saw that [in] 1959 -- long before he went up in the capsule -- we had all the plans made up to put a military colony on the Moon.  Defense killed it on us.  They didn't like the Army.  So they took it away from us and killed it, and made NASA.

ML: Is it possible for any civilian to get their hands on the 'Project Horizon' report today?  How do we find out about this?

PC: It's unclassified.  I was the declassifying officer.  There's 50 pages of it in [my] book.  I wrote to the Army Corps of Engineers historical division and I told them where it was and what it was.  They found it and sent me copies of it immediately.  The original was in color.  Beautiful.  I'd like to get my hands on it. [Corso pages through Appendix One of his book as he speaks.]  Look, there's a lunar lander.  This was 1959.  The best brains in the World worked on this.  All the Germans -- all von Braun's team -- they worked on this.  I talked to a German in Huntsville, Alabama a few months ago and he said, "I remember that.  I worked on it."

This was an amazing document.  And here's General Trudeau's instructions that started it.  Lately, my scientist friend at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Texas [probably a reference to Dr. Hal Puthoff] had a meeting with the top [scientists] at NASA.  He threw 'Project Horizon' on the table, and he says they were shocked.  They couldn't believe it.  They never knew about it.  Defense killed it on us.  And the CIA had a hand in killing it.

ML: Just the other day, the Air Force issued their latest official explanation of what happened at Roswell.  I'm sure you must have had a few chuckles over it.  How are you responding to this?  And how is the Press treating you now that you've made your position so clear and now that the Air Force has said -- again -- that it's all a bunch of baloney?

PC: They're treating me better than I ever expected.  I expected criticism.  As far as the Air Force, I fought alongside them in Korea.  I have a lot of friends in the Air Force, and I will not criticize

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