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a sister service.  But I will criticize their superiors -- the Secretary of the Air Force and so forth.  It amazes me, and I cannot comprehend why they do this.  They don't have to do this.  Why do they want themselves to look like fools?  Even the young kids are telling me "[Test] Dummies?  Dummies?" … and then they laugh.  I can't comprehend why they put that out.  What is in their mind?  If I'd have written something like that, General Trudeau would have thrown me out of the top window of the Pentagon.

ML: What about the problem with Senator Strom Thurmond's foreword to your book?  Simon and Schuster has issued a bland apology, saying they're going to pull Thurmond's foreword out of future printings of the book.  What was your understanding with the Senator?

PC: I've known Strom Thurmond for almost a lifetime.  He's a very honest, sincere, and courageous individual.  We've always been close.  I found out recently that his staff did it.  I don't think the old man knew it, and I think the old man will eventually call me.  We were too close for too many years.  I sent the original foreword for the other book [Thurmond had written a foreword for a book titled I Walked With Giants] back to the Senator and I told him, "If you want to send me another statement for this new book, that's fine.  If you don't want to, that's fine too." I discussed UFOs with him.  I gave him a copy of 'Project Horizon'.  About a week later, not only did I get the two pages that are in the book, but I also got a note from him authorizing Simon and Schuster to print it.  Bill Birnes has all that.  He has the original foreword -- the one I sent back -- and he has the new one.

ML: Bill Birnes told me when I arrived here today that he was under the impression that Thurmond or perhaps his staff had been pressured from higher-up to back out of this.  Can you say anything about this?  [Colonel Corso's son, present during the whole interview, made very visible hand signals to the Colonel at this point indicating that the Colonel should not answer this question.]

PC: I can't verify that one way or another.

ML: Forgive me, Colonel, if I ask Mr. Birnes to say something about this.  [Birnes was in the room embroiled in a side conversation at this time.]  Bill, the Colonel has just declined to address the question whether-or-not Senator Thurmond or his staff may have been pressured from higher-up.  You indicated that he might have been.  Can you explain?

Bill Birnes: This is just my understanding of it from stories I heard.  The staff really wasn't aware of the agreement that Colonel Corso and the Senator had.  It was an agreement between 2 friends more than 2 "business associates".  The staff went ballistic when they found out.  In other words, "How dare you do something and not consult your staff about what you're writing?"  So the staff's immediate preliminary reaction was, "Oh no, this was the foreword for the book I Walked With Giants."

What the staff didn't know was that Colonel Corso had sent that first foreword back to the Senator and got a new foreword in return.  I have copies of both.  So obviously, they weren't "in the loop".  When they were told that this is a new foreword the Senator wrote, the story immediately changed.  "Well, we weren't told.  And we can't do this."  Finally, one of the staff members said, "Don't you understand that the Senator cannot be on a book cover -- writing a foreword -- for a book that says the United States Government utilized alien technology to win the Cold War?  Don't you realize this man is fourth in line to succeed the President?  Don't you know this man is chairman of the Armed Services Committee?  NO, it can't be."

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