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So they went to Simon and Schuster and said, "You have to pull the cover.  Take it off the shelves, get the foreword out, and write a new cover."  Simon and Schuster said absolutely not.  Then they made it very clear to Simon and Schuster, saying, "You're part of a large conglomerate.  Your large conglomerate has to deal with government regulatory bodies.  [According to Birnes, Simon and Schuster is owned by Paramount, which in turn is owned by Viacom.]  Do you really want to be in this position?  Viacom goes before the FCC.  You have a constituency of stockholders that you have to respond to."

ML: You're suggesting political blackmail.

BB: It's absolutely political blackmail!

ML: Can you verify that this is what was going on?

BB: I have to say that this is my understanding of what was going on because of confidential discussions I had with legal [personnel] at Simon and Schuster.  And from statements that the staff members made to the Corso family with respect to the pressure that was being put on them to get this foreword out of the book.  What I do know for a fact is that they demanded that Simon and Schuster pull the book off the shelves.  Simon and Schuster flatly refused and said they had a signed release.  Then [the Senator's staff] came back and said, "As a matter of courtesy, if we say that the Senator really wasn't clear on the nature of the book..."  Simon and Schuster said, "Well, if it's a 'matter of courtesy', then we can certainly understand that in the heat of material passing back-and-forth, misunderstandings can happen."  So, that was the basic agreement.

ML: So once they got the niceties of language straightened out, the agreement was that the foreword would be pulled from future printings of the book?

BB: Yes, exactly.  But it will remain as it is -- with this cover -- for this printing.

ML: Cutting to other news, there was a story that broke here yesterday morning [Friday, July 4] about an object that had been tested by several scientists.  Its content was almost entirely pure silicon with small traces of metals such as germanium and zinc.  This sounds suspiciously like some kind of solid-state artifact, and it showed such highly anomalous isotopic ratios that a scientist was willing to say on the record that it had the appearance of extraterrestrial manufacture.  Can this be compared with anything you saw at the Pentagon, Colonel?

PC: I don't know anything about it.  It doesn't even sound similar to me.

ML: According to your book, you spent most of your time dealing with the artifacts and debris of the Roswell incident.  But what about the aliens involved?  And more especially, what about the alien situation today?  What do you think is the nature of the alien presence -- if any -- on Earth today?

PC: From my knowledge, at the moment I don't know of any alien presence on Earth.  There are still reports of flying saucers, of course.  But I don't know of any report of a body or anyone who has seen [an alien] lately.

ML: What do you say about people such as abductees who claim to be actually seeing these creatures?

PC: My reports were 35 years ago.  If there's anything now, I'm not aware of it.  I know just what I saw in those days and the truth like I lived it.  If there are any aliens now, I'd like to see them.  I don't know where they are.  I'd like to see if they compare with the ones that I saw.

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