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Santa Rosa County School Board

RFP-05-29 Speech and Language Therapy


John W. Rogers, Superintendent of Schools

Purchasing Department

Judson C. Crane, CPPB, CPPO, Director of Purchasing & Contract Administration

6544 Firehouse Road

Milton, FL  32570-3411

Phone (850) 983-5130

FAX (850) 983-5133 Suncom 689-5130

E-mail: cranej@mail.santarosa.k12.fl.us

Website: http://www.santarosa.k12.fl.us/purchasing/

The Santa Rosa County School Board solicits a submission as listed in this request for bid.

All terms and conditions below are a part of this bid request, and no bids will be accepted unless all these terms and conditions have been met, unless superseded by the bid specification.  Rights are reserved to reject any and all bids and to waive technicalities.  Bids not submitted in accordance with this bid request will be rejected.


1.The purchasing department will be the point of contact for this bid, unless otherwise noted in the bid specifications.  Under no circumstances are the superintendent of schools, board members, school administrators or any other school board employee to be contacted concerning this bid until after award.  Any such contact may result in bid disqualification.

2.Price, quality, specifications, payment discounts, warranty, travel time for warranty service, ability to provide service and time of guaranteed delivery will be the determining factors in the awarding of this bid.

3.Bid price shall be the delivered and unloaded price to the designated point according to the purchase order.  *** Collect shipments will be refused ***

4.Bids may be awarded or rejected in whole or item by item, with rights being maintained to make joint awards if  in the best interest of the district.  The Santa Rosa County School Board will retain all copyright and patent rights that may be created by the contract resulting from this bid.  These rights are to include, but are not to be limited to written works, computer software and mechanical devices that are created as a requirement of this bid.

5.Enough detail is given in the bid to describe the item being bid, although not written, full manufacturer's specifications are implied.  Manufacturer's specifications take precedent over information within this bid if any discrepancy exists.  Manufacturer's literature is available from the office of the Purchasing Agent upon request.

6.Any manufacturer's name, trade name, brand name, information and/or catalog numbers listed in a specification are for information only in order to describe and establish general quality levels, not to limit competition.  Such references are not intended to be restrictive.  The bidder may offer any brand for which authorized to represent, which meets or exceeds the specifications for any and all items.  If bids are based on equivalent products, indicate on the bid form the manufacturer's name and number and indicate any deviations from the specifications.  IMPORTANT NOTE:   If bidding an alternate, complete manufacturer's literature, giving full description of the alternate being bid, must be submitted.  Failure to submit manufacturer's descriptive literature when bidding an alternate can result in bid rejection for failing to comply with bid instructions.  Any bid lacking written indication of intent to quote an alternate brand will be considered and received as a bid in complete compliance with the specifications as listed in the bid.  If upon receipt it is found not to meet specifications, payment will not be made and the item will be returned at the bidders expense.

7.For Service and Term contracts, the board reserves the right to provide all services internally, and similar goods and services may be procured through a general contractor or other existing contract.  The board also reserves the right to separately bid out large purchases of similar goods and services.

8.In the event more than one bid is submitted for a line item, please indicate the alternate item by inserting "ALT" after the unit price.

9.To be considered all bids must be submitted on the enclosed bid form, properly signed by an authorized representative on the company placing the bid, and delivery date stated.

10.In the event of an error in extending the total cost of an item, the total price submitted will prevail.

11.Sealed bids must be submitted by hand delivery or mail only as noted in the bid specifications.  Bids by telephone, fax or e-mail will not be accepted.  Only those submitting a bid or a bid marked "NO BID" will be retained on the bid mailing list.  No Bids may be sent via mail, e-mail or fax.

12.The bid opening shall be public and at the time noted in the bid specifications.  

13.Tie bids will be awarded to the bidder with the earliest postmark or if hand delivered, the earliest actual time noted or stamped on the envelope.  It is the bidders responsibility to insure the actual date and time are noted on the envelope.  The only exception to this rule is if the tie bids are between an out of state company and a company headquartered in Florida, the Florida company will prevail.

14.A notice of intended decision will be posted in the office of the Purchasing Director one week prior to award.  A notice of intended decision will be furnished only to bidders who supply a self addressed, stamped envelope with their bid or by downloading from the purchasing department internet web site at http://www.santarosa.k12.fl.us/purchasing.  Bidders and interested parties may examine the bid tabulations and files during normal business hours (public record) after bids have been awarded.

15.Rights are reserved to purchase additional quantities at bid price.

16.Payment will not be made until an order is completed in full.

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