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Form PUR 7068 (Rev. 06/18/92)

Santa Rosa County School Board

RFP-05-29 Speech and Language Therapy


The Santa County School Board, Milton Florida, solicits your company to submit a proposal on  “RFP-05-29 Speech and Language Therapy” as listed in this request.  All terms and conditions below are a part of this proposal.  No proposal will be accepted unless these terms and conditions have been met.  Rights are reserved to reject any and all proposals and to waive technicalities.  Proposals which are not submitted in accordance with this request will be rejected.  

The Santa Rosa County School Board is seeking proposals from vendors to provide, through contract with the school district, a Speech and Language Therapist.



The role of Speech and Language Therapist (henceforth known as Therapist) in Santa Rosa Public Schools should include the following duties/responsibilities.

1.  Therapists will serve all students who have been determined eligible for speech and language therapy (S/L) services as indicated on their Individual Educational Plan (IEP).  Services will be provided through direct therapeutic intervention, monitoring of classroom situations and/or consultative services described as follows:

A.  Direct therapeutic intervention will be provided in small groups to address specifically identified deficits that, when corrected, would greatly enhance that student's ability to progress in the educational environment.

B.  Monitoring students within the classroom enables the Therapist to observe the educational environment and assess the educationally related Speech and Language(S/L) needs of the student.  The Therapist then determines what modifications and curriculum adaptations may be necessary in insuring the student's success.

C.  Consultative services provide a continual resource for teachers, administrators, or students for information and guidance when specific problems arise in a student's educational placement.

2.  Therapists are responsible for screening students who have been identified and referred as having speech and/or language difficulties within their educational environment. 

3.  Therapists will complete a formal evaluation on all students who have been identified, referred and screened as well as those students who transfer into the county with prior S/L services from other school districts.  Through the use of clinical observations and evaluative instruments, the student's abilities will be assessed in the areas of articulation, voice, fluency, and language functioning within the educational placement.

4.  Following this assessment, a written report will be submitted to the Eligibility Committee, who will determine eligibility for therapy services.  If the child does not qualify for therapy services, any pertinent information gleaned through the evaluation process will be passed on to the appropriate personnel.

5.  If a student qualifies for services, the Therapist will participate in the eligibility and initial IEP meeting to review the evaluation and collaborate with parent and educational personnel on an appropriate plan of treatment and delivery of services.

6.  For the duration of time that a student requires services, the Therapist will continually collaborate with other involved professionals, parents and caregivers to provide effective ongoing treatment and to be a resource providing information, insight and education regarding disabilities and their ramifications within the classroom.  Therapists will be an integral part of the IEP team, assisting in determining appropriate placement, annual goals, and needed modifications to contribute to the success of the student.


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