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7.  Therapists will be responsible for implementing IEP goals, data collection, progress reports, attendance, and documentation of initial and three year re-evaluations, as well as distribution of this documentation to appropriate school personnel.

Santa Rosa County School Board

RFP-05-29 Speech and Language Therapy


8.  Therapists will maintain student confidentiality.

9.  A provider representative will meet on an as needed basis with a School Board representative to discuss problems and/or programmatic concerns as well as update referral information.  Additionally, all Therapists will attend monthly group meetings to address similar issues.

10.  A full time therapist will work a 7.5 hour work day.  Each therapist will sign in and out daily at each designated work site.

11.  Therapists must have a current Florida State Speech Pathology License or be eligible for a Florida teaching certificate.

12.  Therapists will have proof of professional malpractice insurance upon written request of the District Designee.

13.  Therapists much follow district drug screening and background check policy.


1.  A form is provided to be used to list name, address, phone number and other required information, including total price for service to all existing locations.

2.  Brief description of expertise, including experience relative to similar projects.  At least 3 references from similar contracts should be included.

3.  Proposed action plan for meeting the objectives of the proposal.

4.  Provide detailed breakdown of all costs, so that a clear and concise basis exists for making adjustments, both additions and deletions.   The vendor will be responsible for expenditures related to in-service activities

Evaluation of Proposals - A committee will review and rank proposals based on various factors, including but not limited to company history, qualifications, location, references and price. Upon review of proposal, the committee may elect to request oral presentations from all or some of those individuals, institutions, or companies submitting proposals.  If oral presentations are warranted, they will be held at a place convenient to all parties at a date and time to be determined.  The committee will enter into negotiations with the company that receives the number one ranking.

Multiple Vendor Awards:  The Santa Rosa County School District reserves the right to award to one or more vendors.

Submission of Proposal – One original (clearly marked) and four copies of the (RFP) proposal must be filed in the Purchasing Director’s office of the Santa Rosa County School Board, located at 6544 Firehouse Road, Milton Florida prior to 3:00 PM November 18, 2005 and clearly marked " RFP-05-29 Speech and Language Therapy".  The sealed proposals will be publicly opened in the Purchasing Director’s office at 8:00 AM, November 21, 2005 to be acknowledged and referred to the Purchasing Director for tabulation.  The notice of intended decision will be posted by 4:00 P.M. December 1, 2005.  The award of the RFP will be at the School Board meeting of December 8, 2005 or at a later date if additional study is required.  Bidders and interested parties are invited and encouraged to attend both the bid opening and the bid award.

Term of Contract - The contract resulting from this proposal shall be for a five-year period, if funded, beginning from date of award and ending June 30, 2010.  Either party can cancel the contract, without reason, with written notification.


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