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We ask, who do we listen to and what do we draw from what we hear? The inclusion of diverse voices does not automatically translate into change. If not hand in hand with political good will, voice may be silenced. We present findings from our research on both historical and current experiences of people accessing mental health and addiction services to critique this issue.


Pictures of Self-Harm

Edith Regier and Tonya Tabobondung.. The Crossing Communities Art Project, Winnipeg, MB

Cathy Fillmore. Sociology, University of Winnipeg

Pictures of Self-Harm

We propose to present the short film “Pictures of Self-Harm” as part of Crossing Community Art Project’s ten-year history of investigating art as social change.

Pictures of Self-Harm, 2007 (23 minutes) was produced out of a five year project where marginalized women portray and reflect on their drug addictions, cutting, the sex trade/sexual exploitation, and eating disorders.  As authors, interviewers and directors of the film, they present an unblinking look at self-harm and conduct street interviews about perceptions of self-harm and its place in our society.  The project began with the initial question “if art is a language and self-harm is a language are the two interchangeable”.

We will screen “Pictures of Self-Harm” and initiate a community conversation on self-harm led by one of the women in the film, Tonya Tabobondung, along with Edith Regier, MFA, Artistic Director of the project, and sociologist, Dr. Cathy Fillmore.


Governing Mentalities in the Pacific Northwest

Kathryn McKay. History, Simon Fraser University

Before the Cuckoo’s Nest: Madness and Traditional Healing in the Ethnographic Record

My paper will examine the intersection of colonialism and madness in the depiction of First Nation peoples in British Columbia.  A number of factors, both international and regional, influenced the historical context of this experience. At the same time

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