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emerging risks briefing


The pressure on the marine environment is growing, driven by expanding populations and a changing environment.The interactions between the different factors are complex and require thinking beyond traditional risk boundaries.

for business to be competitive in this environment, commercial activity cannot consider itself a closed system. different commercial activities have the potential to affect each other and are reliant on the environment for continued operation.

it’s inevitable that commercial use of marine resources will continue to grow and solutions to manage this sustainably are essential to prevent long-term damage to our livelihoods and environment.

businesses can take practical measures to help the environment. by reducing risk in insurance it helps to reduce environmental risk too, for example:

  • improving management standards and spatial planning of aquaculture reduces commercial risk but also prevents wild species being affected;

  • correct loading, stowing and declaration of cargo helps reduce accidents and the risk of environmental pollution;

  • preventative maintenance and correctly installed equipment reduces the risk of engines being damaged from low sulphur fuels; and

  • efcient standards of operations and design leads to lower premiums, potential carbon taxes and environmental impact.

Working in partnership brings new perspectives on helping to assess and manage risk. by using tools such as gis we can visualise risk in ways not seen before and gain a clearer understanding of them.

rsa andWWf will be working together over the next three years to develop further technical briengs and risk models which focus on systemic risk for insurance. To nd out more and register for further updates please visit www.wwfrsapartners.com

fUrTher infOrmaTiOn and resOUrces

About the partnership www.wwfrsapartners.com

international Maritime Organization www.imo.org

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Millennium Ecosystem Assessment www.millenniumassessment.org

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emerging risks briefing

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