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emerging risks briefing

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emerging risks briefing


Welcome to our rst Emerging Risks Brieng produced in partnership withWWF.These briengs will focus on key risks arising from environmental change,explore new research and consider the implications for the insurance industry.They will also provide practical guidance on how businesses can manage and mitigate these risks.

Our rst brieng looks at the various elements of marine risk.as populations grow, so too does the demand on marine resources whether for shing, resource extraction, or simply as a result of increased transportation.all these factors are placing the marine environment under ever-growing pressure and have the potential to radically alter already fragile ecosystems.

These activities are also increasing the risks for businesses seeking to make use of new resources or nd alternative shipping routes. by engaging with businesses and governments, insurers can help manage these risks in a sustainable and responsible way that benets and protects our marine environment.

in todays ever-connected world it is also vital that we consider how systemic risks interact.actions in one commercial sector can often have a knock on effect in another. businesses need to recognise how closely linked political, social and economic factors are.

as a leading global marine insurer underwriting shipping, cargo, aquaculture and shing, rsa has a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities facing businesses operating in and interacting with the marine sector.

We are seeking to combine this expertise with the knowledge ofWWf to create a series of briengs that provide practical guidance on emerging risk issues.

We hope you nd this brieng useful. for further information on future briengs and our partnership withWWf please see the details below.

RichardTurne ,Director Global Marine,RSA

abOUT The parTnership

rsa andWWf are working together in a three-year partnership focusing on pertinent conservation projects and key research in canada, Uk, sweden, denmark and china. find out more at www.wwfrsapartners.com

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