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Numerous reports on the beneficial effects of practising meditation and relaxation had been circulated among the lay public in the form of books written by M.D. and ph.D.. The authors of those books and been very cautious and conventional. In general, they inculded only beneficial effects that had been observed repeatedly and therefore considered as fully documented. The less frequently seen effects had not been addressed to in those books as yet.

In his book “90 DAYS to SELF-HEALTH--------------BIOGENICS’, published by Bantam Books, Dr. C.Norman Shealy M.D. brought to the various form that are aimed at the treatment of diseases and the improment of one’s health. Dr. Shealy is a neurosurgeon in active practice. He is the immediate past President of the American Holistic Medical Association, President of Biogenics Institutes, abd Director of Pain Rehabilitation Center in La Crosse, Wisconsin. He has also taught at Harvard, Case Western Reserve, the Uninesota Medical Schools. He is also author of Occult Medicine Can save Your Life; A Modern Doctor Looks at Unconventional Healing; The Pain Game and Biogenics Health Maintenance.

THE BENEFICIAL EFFECTS OF BIOGENICS In the book “90 DAYS TO SELF-HEALTH------------BIOGENICS”, Dr. Shealy discussed Transcendental Meditation, Biofeedback, Autogenic Training, Hypnosis and Progressive Muscular Relaxation. Progressive Muscular Relaxation advocated by Edmond Jacobson M.D. had achieved excellent clinical results in treating cardiac neurosis, sleep disorders, hypochondria, chronic tiredness and anxiety neurosis etc. . Autogenic Therapy introduced by the German Physician J.H. Schultz had great successes with common psychosomatic disturbances like insomnia, neuraesthenia, constipation, stomach ulver, headache, nuscular tension and irritable bowel syndrome; on the other hand psychosis, depression, schizophrenia and epilepsy had responded well only when there is concurrent tight psychiatric supervision. Biofeeback has helped many people to loosen up, to reduce their worries, anxiety or frustration, and has provided them an alternative to alcohol or tranquilizers. Biofeedback has no khown adverse side effects while all drugs potentially have some.

Finally, Dr. Shealy introduced his own program of meditation and relaxation---Biogenics. Biogenics embraces the best of two disciplines---BIOFEEDBACK and AUTOGENIC TRAINING, but with out the complicated and expensive machines. With Biogenics training, your body becomes relaxed and physiologically balanced; yet your mind is poised, ALERT and at peace.

In this book, Dr. Shealy said that with proper and thorogh application, BIOGENICS can relieve most symptoms. However, Dr. Shealy cautioned that Biogenics is not an alternative to conventional medicine, and definitely not a papacea. It should be practised in conjunction with conventional medicine, making the best from each of “the two wrold” (conventional and unconventional medical worldss). Also, Dr. Shealy recommended that once conventional medicine has failed to cure a disease, almost any discease, and once you know that there is no specific medical treatment available, then you can afford to use almost any kind of safe mental technique-------i.e. all forms of meditation and relaxation programs and espwcially------

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BENEFICIAL EFFECTS OF THE RELAXATION RESPONSE In his impeccably researched book “THE RELAXATION RESPONSE” published by Morrow Books, Herbert Benson M.D. shows you how a simple meditative technique can evoke the Relaxation Response and bring you inner peace and calm. The Doctor said that one can easily learrn this technique, which kone need practise only a few mintes a day, either at home, in the office, or even on the way to work. And no matter whether you are profoundly religuous or a non-believer, the Relaxation Response is congenial with your principles and way of life, the Doctor said.

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