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Here’s a summary of what Dr. Bloomfield discovered by going over all avialable scientific evidence:

1. Meditation represents an exceptional state of deep rest, deeper that sleep, yet accompanied by mental alertness. Like the “rest” recommended by doctors to aid recovery from and illness, the TM technique gives the body an opportunity to restore energy and heal itself.

2. Meditation lowers the body metabolism, reduces oxygen usage by 20% yetproduces no breathing abnormality. During meditation, subjects show a five-fold increase in G.S.R. indicating a rapid reduction in mervous tension and a state of very deep relaxation. There is also a very sighificant decrease in blood lactic acid, the stress-related chemical. Those are quotes from the work of Drs. Benson & Wallace.

3. Drs. Paul Corey, Wilson and Honsberger found that the bronchial airways open up by 20% more during the practic of TM, airway resistance improved and clinical improvements were confirmed by their own physicians in the asthmatics studied. This suggests that TM technique may have therapeutic application for asthmatics, emphysema and chronic brochitis patients.

4. TM was. found to be very useful in relieving insomia, helping the patient to regain and improved sleep pattern. TM can also help those who sleep excessively but awaken unrefreshed.

5. other conditons reportedly improved by TM includes duodenal ulcer, epileptic seizures, rhematoid arthritis, servere tension headaches, angina pectoris and allergic conditions.

THE HEALING SILENCE In his book “THE HOLISTIC WAY TO HEALTH AND HAPPINESS”. Dr. Bloomfiend goes one step further than the TM Book and integrates the TM technique into a COMPLETE HOLISTIC TREATMENT PROGRAM for hypertension, heart disease, insomnia, ghronic fatigue, thension & anxiety, smoing & alcohol abuse and many other conditions, citing concrete case-histories to support his recommendations.

The conditions that this PROGRAM can help to overcome go far beyond the short list given by other authors. Dr. Bloomfield further demystifies Transcendental Meditation by calling it---- THE HEALING SILENCE. This book of Dr. Bloomfield is really a big step forward in the application of meditation in health and diseases; and together with Dr. Benson’s book----the MIND/BODYEFFECT, force today in bringing meditation and relaxation to the lay public American.

MEDITATION AS SELF-REGULATION THERAPY American Holistic Medical Asspcoation, an organisation of physicians devoted to the medical care of the whole person, has put meditation and relaxation among one of the seven core curriculums that a “conventional” medical doctor must study before he or she can become a Fellow in Holistic Medicine. The seven core curriculums are: Nutrituin, Physical Exercise,








Neuromuscular Integration. In this scheme, meditation and relaxation is classified under Self- Refulation-------- a good term that describes meditation and relaxation fairly accurately i.e.a. method of treatment that allows the body/mind to normalize itself and to correct itself.

PRACCTICAL MEDITATION Dr. Patricia Carrington Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist in active practive, a lecturer at the Department of Psychology of Princeton University, co-authors with her psychiatrist husband Dr. Harmon C. Ephron in numerous scientific articles on new experimental studies of sleep and dreaming, and has been involved with meditation both personally as a regular meditator and professionally, using meditation with her patients and conducting research in this area.

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