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gone, the underlying heart attack can kill the patient if he is not hospitalised immediately and monitored in a coronary care unit.

MEDITATION IS NO SUBTITUTE FOR CONVENTIONAL MEDICAL CARE Readers should understand that meditation will never replace orthodox medical care. The best guru or master in meditation, if and when he becomes acutely ill, still needs expert medical attention. Meditation cannot cubstitute for medications & surgery in acute appendicitys, angina pectoris, cancers, pneumonia, diabetes etc an dpractically all the medical illneses. However, meditation can be a valuable and much needed adjunct when ordered by the physician for the appropriate situations.

MEDITATION IS NOT PSYCHOTHERAPY On the other hand, readers are urged to dispell the popular misconception that meditation and relaxation is for the nervous nut, the emotionally unbalanced, in other words, somebody with psychological problems with or without affecting the physical body. Some readers might have the fears that if you have anything to do with meditation an drelaxation, your fiends will label you ---- this guy or gal must be sick in the head. Oh on! Relaxation and meditation and meditatin can certainly help those with psychological and emotional problems, but that only constitutes a small percentage of those being helped. The majority who are helped are those with physical health problems ----- problems that doctors know, cannot be helped by psychotherapy.

MEDITATION IS NOT MIND-CONTROL Teaders should also recognise another common misconception that meditation, relaxation and biofeedback works by mind control….meditation, relaxation and biofeedback is self- hypnosis………that you use your mind-power to minipulate and control your body organs & body functions…….it is mind over body. The above concept is only correct in self- hypnosis,..imagery therapy and meditation programs** that invorporate self-hypnosis and imagery as part of the activities. From his own personal experience and from muner ous interviews with meditation teachers and from numerous interviews with meditation teachers and students, THE CHIEF EDITOR FINDS LITTLE OR NO “MIND CONTROL” IN MEDITATION PROGRAMS----ON THE CONTRARY, IT’S “MIND DE-CONTROL” ----- LET GO, TAKE IT EASY, AND LET IT FLOW NATURALLY ARE THE MOST CURCIAL INSTRCTIONS IN MEDITATION PRACTICE. The term “homeostasis and balancing of the body/mind continuum” better describes the psychophysiological status during meditation and relaxation. Any attempt to or any belief in manipulation and control of the mind and body will result in failure to attain the meditative state, and might open up onself to exploitation by selfish teachers and organisational leaders whol want to control your mind and body. The names “The Relaxation Response” and “The Healing silence” created by Doctors Herbert Benson M.D. and Harold Bloomfield M.D. respectively, correlats best with the true nature of meditation. Meditation is not “mind control”, is not “mind over body”, is not “mind control”, is bot “mind over body”, is not “mind over matter” and such terms should never be applied to meditation.

MEDITATION AND NATIONAL HEALTH CARE COST Meditation and relaxation can produce wonderful benefits when used at the right time and in the right way. The national health care cost is so high nowadays; if meditation and relaxation were utilized nationwide in a practical manner, with proper supervision and monitoring, then, by enhancing the general physical and mental health national health care cost in addition to improving the quility of life.


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