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on the part of the case of a weak ego & the lack of self-reliance, confidence and independence on the part of the students.

THE DANGER OF HYPNOTIC PROGRAMMING In their book BENYOND BIOFEEDBACK published by Dell Book, Doctors Elmer & Alyce Green cautoined against the popular commercial mindtraining programs. The Doctor Greens specifically cautioned against those who use hypnosis but advertise to the contrary, thereby denying and ignoring the risks associated with hypnotic programming. The Doctor Greens also cautined against the premature development of Extra Sensory Powers giving tise to psychic hazards. “Independence in the field of mind” was stressed. The Doctors stressed that when psychic subission overshadows self-volition, the result is disastrousc --- the power of psyphic self-determination is needed for safety. The Doctors apporves of psychosomatic self-regulation achieved by any volitional method --- self-mastery is a slower process, but much safer than submitting oneself to hypnotic instruction and turning the control of one’s mind over to another person. The massage here is again the same ----- a strong ego, self- confidence, self-reliance and independence is needed for safety.

THE EHINESE SOLUTION The chinese Taoist and Buddhist literature has reported extensively one the side effects of meditation and how to counteract them. For “PRACTICAL PURPOSES” or for ‘”METAPHYSICAL GOALS”, the Chinese Taoist and Buddhist meditation practitioners invariably go beyond the safe time-limits recommended by Drs. Benson, Carrington and the T-M organisation. Going over the available literature carefully, it appears that the desired “PRACTICAL GOALS” cannot be achieved by meditating for the short time limits set by the American colleagues. Therefore a solution recommended by the Chiese masters in to familiarize oneself with a listing of all the side effects and be aware of their occurrence --- so that when you meditate, you can sail through the sea of side effects safely and without fears.

The chinese literature reports that the practice of meditation can give rise to numerous bodily sensations, visual and auditory hallucinations, forceful emotional outbursts, and various delusions and vonvictions that are erroneous. Even righteous and compassionalte thoughts and convitions, pleasant hallucinaitons and sensations, if occuring too frequently and out of volutary control is considered by the Masters as harmful side effects. When they occur, ignore them. Watch them from aloft as if you are watching a movie screen; or like watching a street scene from a helicopter. If they are of such an intensity that they connot be ignored one should get out of the meditative mood and return to daily “secular activities”. One should then ask the advice of a competent teacher whol would the advice of a competent teacher who would teach him mental devices to counteract the hallucinations. If that fails, one should refrain from going back into meditation until the same teacher or another teacher has found a mental technique for him to dissolve that particular hallucination or emotional upsurge. Some students had to stop the meditation practice for years before returning because of insoluble side effects.

A GENERAL RULE In general, if you have a problem with your meditation, you should ask our teacher for assistance. If you prefer, you can also write to the Clearinghouse and we shall find teachers to advise you on your problem. In shusequent volumes of The Reports, we shall publish many articles devoted to the side effects of meditations and how to overcome them --- drawing on the experience if oresebt abd oast masters in meditation.

A CLASSIFICATION OF SIDE EFFECTS Going over all the currntly available in formation on the side effects of meditation and relaxation, one can look at them via a simple classification:-

  • -----

    Side effects arising from meditation and relaxation per se

  • -----

    Side effects due to the selfish teachers and selfish organisers of the programs

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