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A SIMPLE METHOD TO PREVENT SIDE EFFECTS A simple but effective method to prevnt and counteract both groups of side effects is to and counteract bnoth groups of side effects is to cultivated an attribute called : Salf Independence. Through a strong belief and convictin in self independence, one learns to have full confidence in oneself and the real world surrounding him. He is independent, self- reliant and confident enough to watch from aloft the unusual body sensations, illusions, hallucinations and all mental activities and deal with them calmly. He is also selfties and deal with them calmly. He is also self-reliant, hallucinations and all mental activities and deal with them calmly. He is also self-reliant, independent & self-confident enough not to be affected by the subtle and often unspoken demands, threats and hypnotic programing by selfish teachers and program organisers. He respects his teachers, but he tries diligently to understand and master the techiques of meditaton and relaxation by himself ------ he does not turn over his mind and body to be relaxed, to be purified and to be healed by another human being. He does not surrender himself to a guru, to a doctrine, to the authority, to a precept, NOT EVEN to the LIGHT, not to the TRUTH not tho the SOURCE. Ehe does not put all of his hope in one guru, one teacher, one method, one organisation --- and get a nervous breakdown when that only “friend” doesn’t come through with the high expectations. He uses his logical mind and reasoning to understand the technique, practices, rituals, traditions & theries and carry out only those he can digest and weave nicely into his real world. He stands firm on the grounds of the real world as he assimilates esoteric experiences.

That is the attribute with will prevent and counteract most if not all of the side effects of meditation and relaxation. That is the attribute that all potential users of meditation and relaxation should cultivate and reinforce.

Footnote :- The term Self Independence is coined by the Chief Editor to dedcribe an atribute as discussed above. This term can be easily understood by studying the term: financial independence and political independence. Used in a similar manner, Self Independence is employed to mean a state of the SELF, the EGO, being free from outside control, being free from external interference.

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