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anxiety state warrants psychatric care, the practice of meditation and relaxation and relaxation should be supervised by a psychiatrist.

(2) Psychosomatic Diseases

Patients with somatic symptoms with or without organic pathology, when judged by the currently prevailing medical standards to have a component due to anxiety, and when it is customary medical standare to consider that the relief of the anxiety component will contribute in part to the relief of such anxiety state can be accomplished by the cautious use of mild tranquilizers ----- then, under such circumstances, meditation & relaxation can be added as an adjunctive measure. Please note that whtn the anxiety component is of such depth and ckomplexity that psychological evaluatin and psychiatric care becomes necessary, then the use of meditation and relaxation should be done under the supervision of a psychiatrist.

(3) Genecal Ill Health Concurrent with Fully Diagnosed Medical Conditions and Under Adequate Treatment

General ill health is frequently associated with many major and minor medical conditions. It can occur status post major surgery, and during the course of treatment and convalescence. It sometimes persists to after the cmpletion of adequate medical treatment. In some instances, general ill health can ovvur even without assoviated organic disease. This condition of general ill health has been called by many different names --- neuraesthenia, deconditioning, general run-down, nervous exhaustion, physical exhaustion etc etc. the proper management is a comprehensive program invluding adequate rest, gentle exercise, sunshine, fresh air, adequate nutrition, supplementary vitamins and minerals. Meditation, supplementary vitamins and minerals. Meditation and relaxation can be a useful adjunct under such circumstances, not only because it can help alleviate the mild anxiety of chronic ill health and increase the sense of general well-being, but more importantly, like sunshine and fresh air, meditation can activate the natural potentials of the physical body to normalize itself and relieve some, if not all of the symptoms of general ill health.

(4) Residual Symptoms from Fully Diagnosed Medical Conditions that are Under Adequate Treatment

It is not uncommon that even when certain medical condidtions have been fully diagnosed by currently available methods and adequately treated medically and/or surgically, yet minot residual symptoms linger on. Such residual symptoms do not affect the life-span of the patient, but they are very annoying, reducing the happiness and enjoyment of life in the affected individual and the immediate fanily. Sometimes, it can even interfere with the working capacity of the individual. When all available adjunctive measures have been tried without success, it is reasonable that one tries without success, it is reasonable that one tries meditation and relaxation. Meditation and relaxation not only reduce the mild anxiety associated with the chronic residual symptoms, it actually works to activate the natural potentials of the physical body to normalize itself. Patients should be reminded that meditation and relaxation does not relieve any specific symptoms nor any specific disease. It is the activated natureal potentials of the physical body that might relieve the symptoms or the disease. However, patients should be told the whole truth -------- that there isn’t enough evidence at present to prove that enhancement of the general level of health will relieve such the general level of health will relieve suchresidual symptoms. We can only hope it will. However, it certainly doesn’t hurt to enhance one’s health or improve one’s level of wellness.

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