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(5) Non-Psychosomatic Disceases, Not Responding to Currently Available Methods of Treatment

Unresectable cancer & cancer with metastases, end-stage kidney disease (with or without dialysis) and many forms of arthritis are just three of the many examples of non- psychosomatic diseases not responding to currently available methods of treatment. While all the available adjunctive measures together can improve the quality of life in such patients or even prolong their lives, one of those measures can actually reverse the disease process. Under such circumstances, patients can be recommended to practice the mild aniety associated with the protracted illness and increase the sense of general well-being, but to stimulate and enhance the natural healing potential of one’s own body. Again, the doctor should tell the patient the whole truth ------- that there isn’t enough evidence at present to prove that enhancement of one’s level of genenal health can reverse the pathological processes in such diseaes. However, it certainly doesn’t hurt to enhance one’s general health and improve one’s level of wellness, as long as one continue to remain under a doctor’s care.

WHEN NOT TO RECOMMEND A PATIENT FOR MEDITATION AND RELAXATION Patients falling under the following categories should not be or cannot be recommended for meditation and relaxation:-

  • (1)

    Patients with present or past psychiatric illness should not be recommended for meditation and relaxation, except when ordered and supercised by a psychiatrist.

  • (2)

    Patients who are emotionally disturbed, having an unstable personality, a weak ego, schizoid personality, anti-social behavior, religious craze or practically anyone requiring psychological evaluation and psychotherapy (supportive or analytical) should not ne recommended for meditation and relaxation, except when ordered and supervised by a psychiatrist.

  • (3)

    Patients below the age of legal responsibility or above the legal age, but judged by the doctor to be psychologically too immature to understand the techniques or to handle the side effects of meditation and relaxation, should not be recommended under the supervision of a team consisting of the parents or legal guardian, medical social worker and psychologist or psychiatrist.

  • (4)

    Patients with clouded consiousness (because of senile dementia & other metabolic or anatomical pathology) should not be recommended for meditation and relaxation because it is a waste of time and effort.

  • (5)

    Patients with impaired ability to learn, to comprehend, to focus attention, to persevere, as well as patients with poor compliance, lacking will-power or lacking a clearly-focused goal to improve his/her own health, should not be recommended for meditation and relaxation except when referred to a special tema of professionals skilful in dealing with such patients. The reasoning is that once a patient attempts to practise meditation and relaxation but fails to achieve a reason able result, he/she will reject meditation for life, not khowing that the fault lies in him/her, and not meditation or relaxation.

DOCTOR-PATIENT RELATINSHIP IN MEDITATION The doctor-patient relationship related to the use of meditation and relaxation is no different from the usual doctor-patient relationship. A doctor always fully discloses the reasoning behind the use of a certain drug, procedure or surgery, the expected benefits and the possible side effects. The doctor does not guarantee cure of disease or relief of symptoms except that he will do everything possible according to the currently prevailing medical standard. The doctor arranges followup visits to monitor the progress of th epatient. Likewise, in the use of meditation and relaxation, a doctor fully discloses the reasoning behind the use of meditation, and he followup the patient for the patient for progress in the use of meditation. Futhermore, he explains to the patient that meditation and relaxation is not a form of

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