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This book contains a wealth of information, and in certain sections, the information is very condensed. For light and easy reading, readers might try to pick a few case reports that interest them and go throgh them first. Then, the reader can study the chapter: What the Doctors Say, to get a comprehensive look at the usefulness of meditation and relaxation. The, he/she is in a position to look at the bad side ot meditation to look at the bad side of meditation and relaxation: the Side Effects. Now, the reader is ready to ask: How do I go about putting it into actual pracrtice? That’s when the reader should read subsection 5 of the appendix, the most practical sceps ever written for the patient, the doctor and the nurse in the clinical applilcation of meditation and relaxation. That subsection 5 should be read in conjunction with the chapter entitled: The Relaxation Clinic, which tells you clearly and in simple terms, what is the place of meditation in medical and health care. The reader can now take a break, and go back to the book when he/she has time. The next time he/she goes back to read the book, the reader will discover a few more inter esting chapters that he/she could not understand before. After actually practising meditation, or counselling patients about it, or teaching it, or researching on it, the reader will find the Index of Clinical Data a most helpful feature of this book. All in all, this book is for the layman, the patients, the beginners ----- but it is also a permanent reference book for the professionals and researchers.

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