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While the interest in meditation as a healing tool is rapidly spreading in the Wesfc, the actual application of meditation in the treatment of diseases and health maintenance in China, Hong Kong & South East Asj.a has been flourishing for many years. Many cures had been reported within a religious or metaphysical setting—Buddhism, Zen and Tao.

Many have attempted to do it in a reasonably scientific manner, and have done a good job considering their lack of scientific training and the absence of research funding and support services. The hallmark of a scientific attitude is to make careful and detailed observations, report them honestly and make reasonable deductions from those observations. Many of them have done just that.


In Tai Wan, Republic of China, there is no known government effort, involved in promoting such studies, but numerous adepts and initiates have taken it on their own to observe and report the application of meditation in health maintenance and the treatment of diseases. Many books have been published in Chinese and.widely circulated; a few centers are known, but there are innumerable small classes and private tuition settings engaged in the healing of diseases with meditation practice. Professor Nan, a late middle age Chinese Professor in Buddhist and Tao philosophy is one of the best known adept in Tai Wan, unceasingly teaching numerous students who are now in Tai Wan, Hong Kong and many in the United States. According to a reliable source, Professor Nan can transmit the Life - Force (Chi Energy) to help students advance in their practice or to heal certain diseases. Ah article by one of his best students will appear in Volume II, describing the student's own experience in meditation and the physiological and clinical observations experienced. Interested parties can write to one of the Professor's student in the United States.

Professor Kai-Jin Nan c/o Joan Lee CAeu,Ph.D. 3 Balston Drive Verona, Sew Jersey 07044

Master Man-Chee Wong is another adept with numerous students in Tai Wan, Hong Kong S United States, including Movie King Run-Run Shaw, a neurosurgeon, a financial executive and a medical laboratory president --- I have limited but accurate data on all four students mentioned. Master Wong is a more mysterious person. It is almost impossible to find him --- he seeks you out and teaches you without reservation and Without submission and without compensation, when the "Kannic link between you & him ripens." If there is no Karmic link, either you can never locate him, or he would refuse to teach you even if you give him a million dollars. When he came to United States to teach the three students mentioned above, he refused to let the students pay for the plane ticket, lodging, not even a single meal. Instead, he treated the students to to dinner. Master Wong transmitted Life-energy (Chi Energy) into his students to activate the Governor and Conception channels (the two main acupuncture meridians) producing a hot fiery energy flow that the student can never forget. Thereafter, the student keep the energy flow going by the proper practice.

The first record that I can find concerning a non-Chinese activating the Chi Energy flow through Taoist Meditation is Mr. James May from Utah. He learned Taoist Meditation in 1973, but it wasn't until 1976, after he got a few "tips" from a Mr. Wang that he progressed amazingly and improved his physical health. He wrote a testimony for Mr. Wang. Wang had written several books in Chinese on Taoist Meditation. He has reportedly advanced quite significantly on the meditative path himself. To say the least, he is a knowledgeable and systematic teacher,having read widely on Taoist meditation, traditional Chinese and modern Western ideas on health and sickness. To contact Mr. Wang, please write to :-

Mr. Wang Liam 22, Alley 1, Lane 315 Vienan St., Taipei, Tal Wan, Republic of China.

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