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In Tai Wan, most adepts teach meditation for health quietly. Few want to form a Center. However, there is a health center devoted to the use of CHI KUNG (Chinese Meditation) in the treatment of illnesses, and for health maintenance. This is the :- TIN-CHARN CHI KUNG HEALTH CENTER 60 Nan-King Road East, Section 2, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China

There are so many adepts in Tai Wan that I can never finish describing all of them. So, instead of going on and on listing them, I shall publish in-depth interviews with the more accessible adepts in subssguent volumes of The Reports.


In Mainland China (People's Republic of China), research and clinical application of Chinese meditation had been encouraged by governmental agencies for many years. Due to the lack of communications with the outside world, detail reports had never been available. From data available in Hong Kong (books published in mainland China, and available for sale in Hong Kong), meditation enjoys the same attention as a modality of therapy, equal to the use of herbs (Chinese medicine) , acupuncture and Western medicine. The doctors in Mainland China prescribes a combination of pharmaceuticals, herbs, acupuncture and meditation to every patient. The suryical patients often practise meditation before and after surgery to speed up recovery. Many of my patients who left Mainland China in recent years to come to United States knov's something about meditation. From data that is available in Hong Kong, the conclusions concerning the usefulness of meditation in clinical medicine, as drawn by the Mainland China doctors, are very close to the conclusions drawn by Drs. Benson, Bloomfield etc. in earlier sections of this Volume I.


Whether it is a true fact, or it is merely due to the lack of communications, the descript- ion of the Life-Force "Chi Energy" was completely absent in meditation literature coming out of Mainland China, until the recent months. Politically and philosophically, the existence of "Chi Energy" is "anti-materialistic dogma" because it can be developed into the "mental realm" and "survival of the soul after death" theories ---- and the main dogma of Communism is"Materialism." On the other hand, all meditation literature coming out of Tai Wan has always been involved' with "Chi Energy","Mental energy"and the "Soul". However,all this has been rapidly changing since Nixon's visit to China and the multiple changes of leadership in China. Therefore it is no longer a cultural shock when the "Chi Energy" is the news item from Peking. On 2-7-1980 China Daily News(30 Market St.,N.Y. N.Y.10002) reported from Peking that there is a resurgence of interest in Chi Kung in China. There is a doctor in Shanghai who had been practising Chi Kung (Chinese Meditation) since he was very young, he can now project "Chi Energy" from the Center of his palm (From Acupuncture point'#EH8 Lao Kung). He can treat diseases with this "Chi Energy", curing many diseases that failed to improve with currently available therapies. He worked with a physicist who using a microwave amplifier,showed that this "Chi Energy" is a form of infra-red radiation (micro-wave). They further studied several other "Chi Kung" practitioners and have found that "Chi Energy" has the physical properties of "static electricity", "electromagnetic wave" and "micro-par-ticie flow". The "Chi Kung" practitioners can produce an effect on a patient as remote as six inches away from the body surface, projecting the "Chi'Energy" from the center of the palm.


A "Chi Kung" doctor in Peking, treats a hypertensive patient by putting the center of his palm on the top of patient's head (Acupuncture point: Pai-Hui, SGO-20). As soon as he projected the "Chi Energy" from his palm, the patient felt a "hot current" flowing slowly from head to toes, and then the heat permeated the whole body. An electronic blood pressure machine showed that the blood pressure of the patient came down rapidly. Further clinical

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