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Run-Run Shaw is the King of the movie industry in Hong Kong. He is the Chairman of the Board of the Shaw Studio in Hong Kong ------ the biggest and most famous movie studio in South-East Asia. He is also Chairman of the Board of the Hong Kong Broadcasting Corporation, one of the biggest radio and television station in Hong Kong. Mr. Shaw is very enterprising, he is involved in many other business concerns. He is constantly on the go.

Ming Pao Weekly of 651 King's Road, 8th fl. Hong Kong is the most popular pictorial weekly magazine in Hong Kong. In issue 588, published on Feb. 17, 1980, Ming Pao Weekly printed an exclusive interview by Mr. Jim Wong with Rim-Run Shaw on his practice of Chinese Meditation.

Mr. Shaw sleeps only five hours a day, fron 12:30 to 5:30 in the rooming. From 5:30 to 9:00 he practises Chi Kung (Chinese Meditation). He' has been practising Chi Kung for three years,and now, heat permeates his whole body in just three minutes soon after he sit down to meditate.


"Darn-Tin is a very mysterious spot in the body----it is a powerful heat generator, radiat- ing the heat in all directions throughout the body," Mr. Shaw said, "Darn-Tin is a spot four finger breadth below the navel, about an inch inside the skin surface. Take a deep breath and the Chi-Energy gathers at the Darn-Tin. During meditation, practise deep breathing comfortably, taking it easy." (Dam-Tin is Acupuncture Point#C06 Chi Hai)

Mr. Shaw is now seventy-three years old,yet he bounced up and kicked six times in front of Mr. Jim Wong, without the slightest sign of shortness of breath,nor face flushing. The kicks were into the thin air, yet produced a loud cracking sound. Jim Wong could not even produce one kick as powerful, yet Jim is much younger.


"When I practise Chi Kung, heat accumulates in the tip of my spine (coccyx) and then rise up the spine like the mercury rising up in a thermometer, going up the waist, the back, the neck, the top of my head, and then down to the root of my nose, and then back to the Darn-Tin. Thereafter, the heat circulates in the route like an unbroken thread. Nowadays, it only takes three mi-mtes of practice to permeate my whole body with heat. It took me six months of practice before I started to have heat accumulation in my coccyx. Some students took only one week to achieve that level." A famous Chinese neurosur-geon friend in United States recommended that Mr. Shaw learn Chi Kung because it is good for health maintenance. The teacher is a Master Wong from Taiwan, Republic of China.

THE SECRET OF MEDITATION "When you meditate, you should think of nothing. I know it is hard to do that, and it took me six months before I could do that. It's really amazing, as soon as a thought arises in my mind, as soon as the empty mind is disturbed, the heat in the spine immediately ceases to rise up, and even falls back down. To keep the heat rising and circulating, I must think of nothing!"


"I used to eat a lot of Ginseng ----- the famous Chinese tonic, always getting the best, $10,000 an ounce. ----- I eat Ginseng like people chew chewing-gum. After I started to do meditation, I don't have to touch any tonic, not even Ginseng."

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