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Mr. Ouznn Lee is an Aviation Electronics Technologist In his mid-twenties. He Is a gra- duate of the Academy of Aeronautics at New York La Guardia Airport.

The Microcosmic Circulation was described four thousand years ago In Chinese Medicinal Literature as a circulation of "energy" in the acupuncture meridians of the human body and the balanced unobstructed flow of the Circulation is conducive to good health. Throughout the history of Chinese literature, numerous reports had been known to the lay public, claiming cures of various illnesses and attainment of good health to ripe old age following the enhancement of the Microcosmic Circulation. Around 1920, the first detailed report of this Microcosmic Circulation was published In modern Chinese language by a well- educated Chinese scholar who cured his own advanced pulmonary tuberculosis and several other co-existing medical problems by enhancing his own Microcosmic Circulation. An initial portion of his experience is published in an article in this Volume, entitled: Meditation and-My Pulmonary Tuberculosis by Master Yun.

While Master Vun has passed on at ripe old age, Mr. Lee is a living example of the Microcosmic Circulation. He has felt practically every single acupuncture meridian in his own body as the Chi Energy travels through them. The interview presented below will center on the general aspects of Mr. Lee's experience rather than the details of every single meridian felt. by Mr. Lee. Such detailed description of the meridians will be presented in Volume II in an article entitled: Acupuncture Without Needles. Please read the preview on that article in this

Volume I, under the same title.

D: Doctor

Li: Lee

D: What got you into meditation?

L: I had problem going to sleep, I worried a lot. My digestive power was wesk and I got upset stomach easily. Then, I heard that Master Chai can help one to open up the Governor and Conception Channels. I read about that in Kung Fu fictions before but never believed that it could be true. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try. Even if it were a fake, it wouldn't take long to find out.

D: How long have you practised now?

L: Eight months.

D: How long it took you to open the two major channels? L: I opened up the Governor and Conception Channels (Level I) in twelve days. I completed "The Fusion of the Five Elements" (Level II) in another three weeks. At-that time,I practised three hours in the morning, two hours in the afternoon and two more hours at night --- a total of seven hours a day. I am pretty healthy and young, therefore I opened the Channels Mithin a short period of time.

TWE MANY SENSATIONS OF CHI ENERGY D: Did the Chi Energy feel like heat,like warmth or like vibrations?

L: The Chi Energy felt like a water current under the sea. It felt like a suction force The current felt warm. It originated from the navel (Acupuncture point; Chi-Chung #C08). When I was practising Level I --- Opening Up the Governor and Conception CHannels, the Chi Energy felt warm. When I was practising Level II ----- the Fusion of the Five Elements, the Chi Energy felt hot. When I was opening up the Positive Leg Route, Negative Leg Route & Negative and Positive Arm Routes, the Chi Energy felt cool. When I was practising The Lesser Enlightenment of the Kan & Li the Chi Energy felt warm, very soothing and well-balanced. When I practised Redirecting the Sperm Power to Invigorate

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