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the Brain, the Chi Energy felt like a cool breeze and had a fragrance to it. when I practised The Greater Enlightenment of the Kan & Li, the Chi Energy was warm and had a powerful surge.

THE MOST IMPORTANT TECHNIQUE D: When I was twelve, I practised Master Yun's method and concentrated my attention on

the navel and between the eyebrows for a couple of weeks. I did not feel any heat, warmth, coolness or vibrations. Are you sure those are true feelings or just imaginations.

L: These acupuncture points or energy centers are real. The roost important technique in meditation is tck be relaxed, to take it easy. The mind and body has to calm down, the brain has to quiet down. The whole body has to be relaxed, including tha internal organs, the eyes and the eyebrows. When I grasped this essential point -------I started to meditate well. The essential point is to ignore everything around me,discard everything in my mind, allowing my consciousness and only my consciousness to dwell. I feel like having fallen asleep. When I get up from meditation, I am really refreshed. My eyes are bright. My mind is clear. When I meditate well, warmth accumulates in the acupuncture point where I concentrated. To be successful, I have to concentrate real well on one spot till the warmth accumulates before I move on to concentrate on another point.



Are the

acupuncture points

like train-stations and truck-stops, and the Chi Energy

stops at each point before it goes on to the next?.

L: Yes, when I tried to open up the channels, I have to stop and concentrate at each acupuncture point 6 allow the Chi Energy to accumulate, before leading the Chi Energy to mow on to the next acupuncture point. After I opened up the Governor and Conception Channels, the Chi Energy would go straight up the spine to the top of my head (Acupuncture point Pai-Hui #GO 20) as Chi Energy accumulates in my navel (Acupuncture point: Chi-Chung #C08). Whenever I concentrate on the perineum (Acupuncture point: Hui-Yin #C0l), between the kidneys (Acupuncture point: Ming-Men #G04; or in the back of my head (Acupuncture point: Feng-Fu tiG016), Chi Energy would accumulate in those points. Also, if there is a pain or discomfort in the body, the Chi Energy also automatically converges toward the sick area. After the channels are open, the Chi Energy travels very fast, and doesn't always stop at acupuncture points it used to stop before.

THE ENERGY SUPER HIGHWAY D: Can you tell how narrow or how vide are the channels between two acupuncture points?

L: Most people can only feel the warmth at the acupuncture points and a current-like energy moving up or down but no further detail. I practise diligently and I make very careful observations. When I am very calm and fully relaxed, I can feel three channels going up my spine ---- in the middle is the Governor Channel, a wide super highway.and on the two side are the Bladder meridians.The Chi Bnergy goes up the spine in a sheet. Only through careful observation was I able to make out the three channels.

THE 32 ENERGY CHANNELS D: I have interviewed several other students-Some only felt energy at the acupuncture points, and not the meridians. Some felt the energy current only, not the acupuncture points. A few felt the acupuncture points and the current. A few felt the energy going up the spine in a sheet (a wide stream). You are the only one (besides Master Chia) who can make out three channels in the spine.

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