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L: That depends on the individual constitution, and the level of practice they have gone through. After Level I, Opening up the Governor and Conception Channels, I felt only two channels. After Level II, the Fusion of the Elements, I opened up another six channels. Only after Level III, The Lesser Enlightenment of the Kan and Li, and Level IV The Greater Enlighterunent of the Kan & Li, did I have enough accumulation of Chi Energy to open up another twelve channels on each side, a total of twerty-four. The grand total then was thirty-two channels, and it took me eight months. To take another example, when the Chi Energy comes down in the front from the head back to the navel, the energy comes down in a sheet (a wide stream). Only when I am really quiet & deep in meditation, can I make out a total of seven channels in that wide streaa of energy----in the middle is the wide superhighway Conception Channel; on the two sides are the kidney meridian, stomach meridian and spleen meridian on the outermost. I have practically opened up all the meridians. When one has enough Chi Energy, all the meridians are bound to open up.Everyone can do it. Most of the meridians have a definite location,and agree pretty well with the acupuncture charts.

D: Did the Chi Energy feel like any sensation other than warmth, heat and coolness?

L: When I was practising Lesser Enlightenment of the Kan and Li, when the Yin and Yang Chi Energy was mixing real well, I saw a beam of white light between the two eyes. The white light turned to a golden beam and seemed to shoot out from between the eye- brows (Acupuncture point: #"Extra 1", Ying-Tang).

SEMINAL KWO FU D: I heard that you have studied transformation of sperm power also.

L: Yes, I do. During Level I (Opening up the Governor and Conception Channels)and Level II (The Fusion of the Five Elements), Chi Energy turns into sperm power. At those ^wo stages, sexual desire is very strong. I had increased morning erectior-,and I had nocturnal ejaculation twice a week. When I told Master Chia about it, he was concerned because the sperm lost is Chi Energy lost. What's the use trying to accumulate more Chi Energy by meditation when I lose the sperm energy every three nights! So, he taught me " RETAINING THE GENERATIVE FORCE FROM DRAINING AWAY" (i.e. SEMIMAL KUNG FU), and after a short practice, I didn't have nocturnal ejaculation anymore. Occasionally, as soon as I began to ejaculate in my dream, the sperm was automatically transformed into energy and pulled up into the head —— in the dream.

D: Aside from transforming sperm power in your dream, can you transform it consciously?

L: Yes, I can. Level HI, The Lesser Enlightenment of the Kan and Li has three formulae -----

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    namely 1. Mixing of the water (Yin) and fire (Yang) 2. Transforming sperm power into

vital energy. 3. Redirecting the sperm power to invigorate the brain. When I practise the third formula, I transform the sperm in the testicles into Chi Energy, bring it to the perineum (Acupuncture point: Hui-Yin #C01) , and up the spine tothe brain. Nowadays, I practise the third lormula everyday. As soon as I concentrate at the testicles, the sperm transforms into Chi Energy and the Chi auto-mabically goes up to my head. The Chi Energy (from transforming the sperm) felt cool in the beginning, later on it tasted like honey, and now it has a fragrance to it --- so pure, so sweet and fragrant like coconut water (coconut milk) ---- it even has a taste of wine. The taste comes from inside the brain and runs down the nose.

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