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D: You have learned meditation from Master Chia for over a year now. First I would like to ask you about your education background, your work and your basic philosophy in regard to metaphysical things, religion, etc.

A: My education is that of a practicing attorney. I've also done some reading in literature and ancient history. I've traveled extensively and lived abroad for several years in Europe and elsewhere. Travel has not been the least instructive of my experiences. With regard to, my metaphysical philosophy...the most import ant things can' t be put into words because the very nature of these experiences transcends verbal expression. However, I can tell you that I believe health and well-being, physical or otherwise, comes from maintaining a certain harmony of the diverse element) within oneself and by being in accord with the Order of the Universe, with the Powers that regulate and reign in the World.

That's what simple people call being Good. Evil is to put oneself in some way at odds with the order of things as constituted by the Intelligence which conceived the World. I, believe that a person will be healthy insofar as he is in accord with the Divine Will. One is ill, or evil, illness and evil being to some degree synonymous, to the extent that he swerves from the Divine Plan and the universal harmony which I believe to in here every thing, whether considered alive or dead.

D: I would like to ask you how you came to study with Master Chia. Was it to discuss certain philosophical questions with him?

A: I met him with regard to a legal matter. I noticed a card in his file. On the card was written "Internal Needleless Acupuncture". What is this all about? I thought to myself. I started questioning him and was immediately struck by one thing. His conversation had what one might call the accent of experience. I could tell soon after we began talking that he was not parroting from books, but was talking about his own experience. I realized that he had initiatory experience. He was talking to me about things he knew intimately.

MY KHEE PROBLEM D: Do you have any health problems?

A: Over the course of many years, and worsening about four years ago, I had problems with my left knee. I went to a distinguished doctor specializing in these matters. He told me that I had torn cartilage on the outer quarter of my left knee. He felt that it might be necessary to operate, but that I should try to rehabilitate. I tried unsuccessfully to rehabilitate for a couple of years. This was the fourth time I had traumatically injured this part of my body. The first injury was at the age of twelve when I severely tore the outer ligament of the left ankle. Apparently the injury ramified up to the cartilage of the knee. I injured it a couple of times running. Then I injured it a third time running and despaired of getting my knee in proper shape. My left thigh had atrophied so that the diameter was more than 3/4 inch less than the right thigh. This doctor gave me some weight-lifting exercises which were not! effective. My knee continued giving me a lot of trouble. Although I could walk around most of the time without difficulty, my life was restricted. I told Master Chia about this problem when I began to practice. He showed roe how he would perform certain manipulations of the nerves on the rear outside of his knee if he had a similar condition.That very painful treatment seemed to cause some sort of change in the knee. Since I began to practise and I did that special manipulation, I haven't had any problem with my knee. I have done some very strenuous things, and I attribute the improvement to several causes, mostly associated with his practice. Most importantly I attribute it to the swif-tening of the life current, the chi force, in all quarters of my body, purifying my body so as to allow the energy of the air to more fully

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