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suffuse the extremities. Retention of the seminal fluid also helped, since tissues such as cartilage are very slightly vascularized. They are particularly susceptible to weakening through a constant seepage of the energy and nutritional factors of the semen. It'is very hard to repair cartilage, as you know, there is not much blood to do it. When there is a constant attrition of all of the chemical and biochemical factors, there is a much greater likelihood of weakening.

MY DIGESTIVE POWER & MY MEMORY D: Any other changes in health since you've been practicing?

A: Ten years ago I had hepatitis, and my digestive system has been very weak sin&e then. Particularly at certain stages of Master Chia's practice, I felt a noticeable strengthening of my digestive capacity. I noticed this improvement when directing energy to the solar plexus. Another change I've noticed is a striking improvement in memory. My memory has always been pretty good, but once I started doing this practice it improved consider- ably.

D: Any particular stage in the practice, any particular landmark you can remember when your memory started to improve?

A: It's hard to say. I only know that my memory increased and that it seemed sharper.

D: The knee, was it diagnosed by an arthrogram that you have a cartilage problem or was it just a conjecture or speculation?

A: An X-Ray was taken. This doctor is one of the world's leading specialists in this realm. He did several diagnostic tests, all of which indicated torn cartilage. There was a "click" in the knee when it.was rotated in a certain maneuver. He said that this characterizes torn cartilage. I'm sure that he was right. I am usually highly skeptical about medical diagnosis, but in this lease I'm convinced he knew what he was talking about-Atrophy in the thigh is also characteristic of torn knee cartilage. Everything pointed to the same thing. There's no reason fcu doubt the diagnosis.

D: Did you go back to him afterwards?

A: No, I didn't go back to him because he told me he couldn't help short of an operation.

D: If you didn't go back to him all you can say is that symptomatically you have improved. There is no proof that the torn cartilage has been repaired.

A: The cartilage doesn't repair altogether. He told me that it won't be fully repaired, but that it can be strengthened. The tear will remain.

D: Maybe you did repair it?

A: Possibly I did, but there's no way bf telling except to open it up, and I'm not the man to make that kind of sacrifice for the love of Western medical science.

D: How about the click? Do you still feel it or no longer?

A: I have never felt the "click". The doctor did a certain rotation of the knee to produce the click. It is simply clear that the knee has been strengthened so that, if I take care of myself, it should not be reinsured in the normal course of things.

D: How about the atrophy in the thigh?

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