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A: I don't know for sure. I think the atrophy has subsided somewhat, but not altogether.

D: How about the hepatitis? Did it show any enzyme changes that persisted after the illness?

A: This vein in my eye, which is directly on the mark for the liver, has shrunk to a degree. This indicates improvement in the liver. The main proof is that I can eat most foods now without any discomfort or distress, such as I often had before.

D: So from what you told me it appears that from the medical point of view there is some significant improvement in your skeletal muscular system as well as your digestive system.These are very subjective, but useful. Otherwise, there is no objective evidence, for example, by X-ray studies or blood tests. Often one must depend on subjective evidence, especially in retrospective studies. If we want to find out if the liver improved, we'd have to do a liver biopsy, in addition to liver enzymes.

A: We wouldn't be able to tell very much, since I wasn't measured with scientific precision before.

TRANSMITTING THE POWER D: Let roe go into specific areas of your practice. Did Master Chia give you the vital current?

A: Yes.

D: How did he give it to you?

A: He transmitted it to me through his hand.

D: Palm or fingertip?

A: The index finger of the right hand.

D: Any particular part of your body?

A: He did it in the navel. I think he also gave me power in the Chang-Chiang, between the anus and coccyx tip. Perhaps also in the Pai-Hui, crown of the skull.

D: What did you actually feel when the energy went into your body at those points?

A: At first I didn't feel anything.But after two or three times it felt like a small needle coming into the body.

D: Was it real or imaginary?

A: Are you real or imaginary? There is little question in my mind that something was hap- pening. Even science has managed to measure these kinds of energies with Kirlian photography and other means.

D: There is a M.D. in mainland China who has worked much in the chi and vital current, and he was able to project, through the center of the palm energy onto an infrared counter.

A: That's easy.

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