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D: After the energy went into the body you practised by concentrating the energy on certain points?

A: Yes, that's right.

THE EHERGY CURRENT D: So after you concentrate on various points of the body, you were directed to imagine a

certain current that flows from point to point. After a period of practice do you feel anything different?

A: I felt the energy pooling in the navel. Then as the current went around the route, or so- called microcosmic orbit, I felt it at the place where it was blocked at the moment. Then after a while I didn't feel anything because the route was open. After that there is a generally enhanced feeling. Of course, when you've just opened the route you don't have much power. But you can feel it as a general fullness of energy. As you advance in the practice you get more fullness and it becomes a constant thing.

D: So he already gave you an idea where those so-called meridians and points are, and he also told you about the microcosmic orbit before you went to practice it?

A: The first stage he explained very briefly and simply. He said just concentrate here. I did. After a while he said direct the energy here, and so on and so forth.

D: Were you able to feel any heat before he explained that you would feel it? Or did it cone after you knew about it?

A: I can't really answer since it was so long ago. I don't remember exactly what I felt at first.

ENERGY AS HEAT SENSATION D: So the heat that you felt at the navel point was very strong?

A: At the beginning it wasn't strong. Later when I graduated to more advanced formulae the energy increased considerably.

D: Were you able to describe it at any point like a flame or fire?

A: Yes, when preparing the hot element, I reached a certain point when it is a burning thing. ! It is the sun and the moon, the heat of the sun and the coolness of the moon.

D: The other students I have interviewed so far described it, as no more than warmth or full- ness.

A: No. I've gotten much more than warmth.

D: So this energy, do you have to direct it with your will to the points, or did it go by itself through the channels? A: I pointed the energy, I turned it toward those points, but it goes spontaneously towards those points. One can't describe these things very well.You nudge it toward a certain place and then it goes and stops at a certain point.

D: So this energy goes all the way up the spine, into the head, down the nose, into the navel. And all this intense heat, do you think it can damage the brain?

A: I didn't get the heat when I had just opened the Microcosmic Circulaticm. I got it in higher formulae. As to whether it can cause damage, there are real dangers involved in

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