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releasing these potencies in the body. Some of the dangers are physical, if you want: to call them such, and can actually damage your tissues if the power is not correctly direct- ed. Also those people who are of some attainment often have difficulty with pains in the head because of such concentration of power surging into the head, terrible racking pains in the head.There are ways of remedying that. There are other dangers as well. I won't go into them in great detail. It should be done, I believe, under the supervision of a qualified master.

TONING DOWM WE HEAT D: So you say that you turn heat into a different kind of higher level energy, so that it is much toned down and under control?

A: I'm saying several things.One, the more advanced you get the more dangerous things becoioe» because of the more potent materials you work with. You can burn yourself with a match, but with a flamethrower it's another story. You'll get more than a blister.

D: Do you find that as the energy circulates more and more you feel it not so much as heat anymore? But feel it in a more subtle manner?

A: It changes. In the Taoist alchemical practice there are ways of mixing and alloying the heat with cool energy, so that the heat is not in its pure, raging fiery form. But that requires purification of the vehicle, in order to withstand it. These are not the elementary stages. It becomes quite apparent in the third formula.

IT'S NO IMAGINATION D: Forgive me for returning to certain questions. This energy, was it experienced by you as described by Master Chia?

A: No, it wasn't. To a certain extent he told me how it would move and so on. But he didn't tell me what its quality would be. This is a very personal experience.

D: So, it was there, not due to his influence, but you really experienced these things, and your experiences coincided with what people said before in the Chinese Taoist, medical & acupuncture literatures.

A: Yes, unless he is a master hypnotist.

THE ETHERIC BODY D: How about those acupuncture points, are they real?

A: You must remember one thing. These points are not points on the physical body. They are points on another body, the etheric body.That level of energy which is next most dense to the flesh. We point to them on the physical body to give an indication, but they don't exist on the anatomical body.

D: But experientially, you yourself felt those points and felt them as crossroads of the current. Would you like to add any other things?

A: I feel that this practice can prove of great benefit to physical well-being. It is a purifying practice and it can introduce into many a greater harmony of the various energies. It appears to me a valid, ancient esoteric practice.

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