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Mr.Glenn Stevens is a thirty year old subway clerk selling tokens for the Metropolitan Transit Authority of New York City. He was born and raised in the Bronx of New York City. After he finished public school, he was drafted into military service. After he came out of the Service in 1971, he started to study meditation. His main concern is, "What happens to me after death, when I lose my body?" He read the Bhagavad Gita, the VeSas and the Chinese Chi Kung books (the English Version). He is constantly exploring, trying to find THE SOURCE. The following Is an interview by Doctor Lawrence Young in March of Nineteen Eighty.

D : Doctor

G : Glenn

D: What got you into meditation, Glenn? Did you have a health problem? Did you have nervousness, anxiety or insomnia?

G: No, none of those. The only illness I ever had was a shoulder dislocation corrected by an operation. It had not bothered me since. The main reason for getting into meditation being that I was always wondering what happens after death, when you lose the body.

D: So, you have a spiritual inclinationi

G: I guess so.

D: Are you a Christian?

G: I was raised in the Lutheran Church.

MY EARLY EXPERIENCE D: Whom did you study with, in terms of meditation?

G: After the military, I attended the Bronx Community College studying psychology. I began trying to analyse myself by studying Freudian psychoanalysis. This led me to begin reading Confucius and others to improve my life. I studied Lao-Tse as well as the Buddhist scriptures. Then I began studying Transcendental Meditation with a mantra under an American teacher. I then began reading and corresponding with the Kriya Yoga Temple in California under Swami Yogananda. From this stage,! went to Bhakti Yoga which was situated in a temple in Brooklyn, New York. At the Hare Krishna Center, I began to chant the mantra daily for a couple of hours.

D: You are a real explorer on the spiritual path, Glenn!

G: Yes, and that's not all. A^ter the military, I joined a Karate school in the Bronx which was taught by Americans. All exercise there was physical and strenuous. Subsequently, I went to study Karate in Manhattan under Shihan Nakamura. This Japanese teacher taught me to combine physical and mental strength, He taught Zen meditation with particular attention on the Third Eye while looking ati candle flame. Next, I began to study Pa-Kua-Chun under Master Chang. Practice of this form began to change me, to slow me down and teach me to relax. Then Master Chang began co teach me sitting meditation with concentration or the navel. Master Chang also taught me to practise meditation in the lying, sitting and moving positions. I used to sit and tremble and vibrate. Sometimes, I used to vibrate quite a lot.

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