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COMPLETING THE MICROCOSHIC ORBIT D: I can see that you are now studying with Master Chia, yet another teacher in your un-

ceasing spiritual pursuit. When did you start to practise with Master Chia and any new experiences you did not have before?

G: I began with Master Chia a little over a year ago. I met him in New York Chinatown, in his Research Centre for Holistic Health. He gave me the Chi Energy from the navel to the head. This influx of energy helped me to open the Governor and Conception Channels of energy, Mithin two months, I completed the Microcosroic Orbit which enabled me to feel the Chi Energy flowing from iny palate to my tongue tip like an electric current. I began to feel better than I ever had before. While sitting, I began to feel so good that I couldn't stop laughing. Now, I feel better than a million dollars. I'm going for a billion dollars worth of good health and spirits. I'll be thirty this fall but I really feel as if I'm sixteen.

POURING CHI ENERGY INTO ME D: I have seen a lot of patients of your ethnic group. I think you look twanty to me. Did the

other teachers talk about this Chi Energy? Did the other teachers possess this Chi Ener- gy and did the other teachers transfer the Chi Energy to you?

G: I can see that all Yoga schools and Chinese Chi Kung work on the sperm and the sperm must be transformed to Chi Energy or Pranic Energy. The only way for a human being to get much much power is that he knows how to transfoa the sperm power. The Chinese say the Chi goes through the acupuncture meridians and the Yogi say that the prana goes through the nadis. I see that they are actually talking about the same thing. However, the Yoga teachers might have the Pranic Energy in then own body, but no maharajis had the power to give the Chi from his body into my body. One teacher raised his palm over my arm and I could feel the heat from his hand but he never gave me energy. When I practised Yoga, or when I practised the Pa-Kua-Chun, I never felt the energy go to different parts of my body until I met Master Chia. When I net Master Chia,I saw that he is unlike the other masters. He would put his finger on certain points of my body and I actually felt something inside my body. I actually feel the energy go to different' points of my body if I'm in a certain posture. I can now feel the Chi Energy flow where the posture directs it. Master Chang told me that wherever the mind is the Chi Energy is. I didn't understand that too well at the time. But after I met Master Chia and he poured Chi Energy into ray body, opened up my energy Channels, 'and made me feel like a new life. I told him I feel like I owe him my life- I really never felt this good in my life.

TRANSFORMING THE SPERM POWER D: I am amazed when you talk about transforming the sperm power into Chi Energy. Is this a theory, or you can actually do it?

G: It's not just a theory, I can actually do it. When I concentrate between the testicles, I can actually bring the cool energy right up to the brain and feel completely refreshed and energized. Master Chia and several of his students can do it too.

D: I am very interested in your description about transforming sperm power into Chi Energy (Prana) because an Indian college graduate who practised Yoga on his own without a teacher accidentally awakened his Kundalini power and aside from a tremendous wealth of personal experience on Kundalini, he also described that he can actually see his sperms going up the spine into the brain, being transformed into golden nectar which flow back down and nourish the whole body. His name is Gopi Krishna. The two most important books written by him are;- Kundalini --- the Evolutionary Energy in Man by Shambala Books. The Awakening of Kundalini by Dutton Paperback. Did you ever read these two books, Glenn?

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