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G: No, but I believe what Gopi Krishna experienced is real.

D: Where did Master Chia first passed his Life Current to you?

G: Master Chia first put his finger to my navel.

THE SENSATIONS OF ENERGY D: What did it feel like? Did it feel like heat?

G: It didn't feel like heat. It felt like there was a lake of running water,and then it looked like him touching that particular point in my body,he made some more water mix with that lake (Glenn's body); and it felt as if there was a lake, and there was another river running into that lake; I should say more like I have a lake inside and Master Chia was like the ocean and a current ran from his ocean into my lake.

D: Are you just theorizing, or you are trying to describe an.actual experience, an actual feel- ing?

G: No, it's not a theory, it's an actual feeling, fefore I came to Master Chia, I was with Master Chang. He asked me to sit down and concentrate at the navel. He never points his finger at me. He never gave me Chi Energy. However, I already felt a certain amount of energy myself through practising Chang's method, so that when I came to Master Chia, my body was ready. I came to Chia at the right time.

D: How many times he gave you Chi Energy?

G: About fifteen times, at the navel, the knees, the feet, the back and my head.

D: Any vibrations, any heat?

G: There was a lot of vibrations, there was even a taste. I could taste it in my tongue. I could taste it in my teeth. I never knew that teeth have feeling, that teeth have taste.When I close my teeth now, I can feel no separation from bottom to top. The upper and lower teeth feel like one piece. It is not just the teeth though. My body feels more one piece. Rather than an arm, a leg, an upper torso, a lower torso, my body feels like a complete whole. My body feels more balanced, more rounded, more full like. At the same time, I feel lighter, ------ it's hard to describe, but it's a true feeling.

ENERGY THAVEI-S THROUGH SPACE D: How does the energy travel?

G: After Master Chia gave me the Chi Energy, everytime when I practise the postures (the form) of Tai Chi or Pa-Kua-Chun, for example, when I practise "Embrace the moon to the Breast", with the arms and hands out like a circle, embracing an imaginary moon in front of the chest, I feel the energy go right into my hands. The energy even go from one hand to another, completing the circle --- and my hands were not touching.

D: You mean you felt the energy jumped across empty space out of your physical body from one hand to the other, completing a circle? G: Yes, that's kind of strange to me too, because as you said, the energy goes beyond the physical body. I never experienced anything like that before. I frel like my hands are open, like there are holes in my palm and fingers and energy travels out of those holes. I feel like I have holes in my feet sometimes. Those are not real holes in my physical body

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    but that is a definite feeling.

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