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D: Do you actually feel the Chi Energy travel through the acupuncture meridians?

G: I feel the energy go up the spine all the time.

D: How long does it take for the energy flow to go around in a circle?

G: There is no set time —— the number of cycles' in a day, the length of each cycle, I cannot tell. The energy feels like always there always flowing in the body. The body always feels open. I feels the energy in the spine, in the head, in the- chest, in my arms, in ay legs.

THE ENERGY CENTENS D: Can you feel the meridians and acupuncture points clearly?

G: No, I feel the whole body wide open and energy flows freely in my body, rather than definite routes. I do feel that the energy is stronger at certain points --- for example, I can feel the navel is the main place of energy storage, Even the navel is not one spot, but a large diffuse area of energy concentration. There is another area of energy store in the chest area. I feel the belt route more, the belt route feels more-open. Sometimes I catch my hands going around my waist without me consciously doing that. Nowadays, I open so many routes, the meridians don't feel like single lines, but energy flows like a sheet, like a river. Everything inside the body is wide open, my whole body feels like pushing out.

D: Can you transmit the power to another person?

G: Not yet, but I guess I will, when my body open up more. I feel like I can help other people open up their routes.

D: Can you direct the energy with youl mind?

G: Yes, when I do the Pa-Kua, I can feel the energy go right into my finger. When I feel tired, I can pull the energy from the testicles right up the spine to the brain and I would feel refreshed and energized right-a-way. That is the sperro energy.

ENERGY TRAVELS IN SPIRALS D: Does energy travel in straight lines like a bullet?

G: When I practise Pa-Kua, I can feel the energy move in spirals up the spine to the head; and also depending on the posture, for example when I kick my leg and my foot, the energy travels like a spiral down the leg to the foot and toes, when I move my hand and fingers the energy spirals and travels to the palm and-finger tips. Energy travels like a spiral around my waist. When I practise standing meditation, I feel the whole body coming out--- my body feel like more rounded. I can feel the inside energy moving the outer physical body without the need to tell it to do so. I think I am feeling the "energy body". Yes, I definitely feel that I have an "energy body" in addition to my physical body. I believe what the mystics & Yogi call "Subtle Body" is what I feel as "Enargy Body".

BENEFfTS OF MEDITATION D: Glenn, you had no health problem when you started out with meditation. Yet, you say you feel calmer, more relaxed, stronger and more energetic than before. What do you mean by that, and would you recommend meditation to friends who have no spiritual inclination but who only want to improve their haalth?

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