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G: I would recommend this to any person, even they are not looking at the spiritual side of. life, but more into the physical activities, If they play football,basketball or any other kind of sport, when they practise meditation, anything they do in life will be improved, Even sleeping will be better. Getting to opec their channels will be one of the best things in their lives. I have always been healthy, yet I still feel so much better from meditation. The only time I .could recall feeling this way was when I was nine or ten years old ----- I had so much more energy at that time. Now, I feel like a child once more. I guest there are many different levels of health and a seemingly healthy person can benefit froa meditation and become even, healthier and more energetic.

D: Some say by doing meditation the feelings become hardened.You become like a log of wood, like a slab of concrete. Is that how you feel now?

G: It's true that things don't upset me as they used to before. When something from the out- side world affects me, I still feel a touch of bliss inside me. I have become more consider- ate and kind. My feelings and emotions are more open.My mind is more clear and, filtered, I am far from being a log of wood or stone.

FUTURE GOALS D: What do you plan to do next? To continue Chi Kung or find another master?

G: By my coming here (with Master Chia) for one year, I accomplished what it might have taken me five, six,or seven years of work. Chi Kung is the number one spiritual practice. This Chi Kung leads to the highest level of immortality. I am going to continue practising what Master Chia taught me. He has many more formulae and levels that I can continue to advance on. I feel that my body alchemy is changing to a more spiritual body. When .death arrivesiif I am fortunate enough, I might not have to accept another physical body. My Yoga teacher explained that there are 8,400,000 Species on this planet and the human form of life is very rare. The human form is the only form in which yoy can find out that you are not actually this physical body ----- but you are the eternal soul. The soul never die. So I always couldn't figure out how people can work nine to five for twenty years and then retire to sit in the rocking chair 6 wait for death. I could never accept that; but most American are like that. I'll continue to work hard to transform my body to a spiritual one.

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