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Many teachers can talk abcAlt the esoteric and write many discourses on the esoteric, but only a rare eiiAodiment can help you enhance the Hiciocosmic Circulation and thirty-two meridians in your body. Master Chia is one of the few living heir to the secret Taoist practices that many still talk about in Mainland China, in Taiwan and in Hong Kong, but few know what they are talking about- I have met several other practitioners or Tao meditation, but they refuse to teach. The reason ror refusal varies from the lack of time fthey are too busy making a living themselves) to the lack of interest, on the part of the students (if you teach one hundred students,less than one will practise it to the opening of the two major channels). Other teachers believe in hand-pi eking students of their choice ----- the teacher will seek you out, there is no use for you to find the teacher. On the other hand, Master Chia, a young man in his mid-thirties, with a family to reed s to raise, is brave enough to devote all or his time teaching Chinese Tao Esoteric Synthesis.He came over from Thailand in recent years and started a class in Wew York City three years ago. Later on, through the generosity of Dr. Joan Lee Cheu, Master Chia began to teach in the .Research Center for Holistic Health at Confucius Plaza/ 33 Bowery, Suite B201, Chinatown, New York, N.Y. 10002. The telephones are: 435-7467 (to 10 PM) and 226-9446 at the Center. Masker Chia has helped numerous students complete their Governor and Cone-option Channels many of them have been interviewed by roe already. Waster Chia teaches the students everything they can digest and advance on, without reservation. In co-operation with an American adept in esoteric practice, he recently completed the Taoist Esoteric Synthesis Encyclopedia. He gave the world everything via the Encyclopedia, holding back naught. He is the roost generous Taoist l have ever read about. Master Chia teaches in fluent English and all Chinese dialects. Here's an interview with Doctor Lawrence I Young in July of Nineteen Eighty.

D: Doctor

C: Chia

D: How old were you when you started to study meditation?

C: I started to study meditation when I was six to seven years old. In Thailand where I grew up, there are so many Buddhist temples around my house. In holidays and weekends, I visited the temples frequently. In summer vacation, I stayed with the monks for weeks. I learned the meditation of sitting and stilling the mind.

D: Did you have any health problems then?

C: I have always been healthy. I have never had any health problem. I was number one in running and jumping in track and field events my grammar school days in Hong Kong.

THE TA0 METHOD D: Who was your first Master?

C: I studied Tai Chi with Master Lee, and Ta. Chi, Yoga & Akido with Master Luke when I was small, but they did not initiate me into esoteric practice. When I was in grammar school in Hong Kong, a senior classmate Mr. Cheng Sue Sue introduced me to Master Yi-Eng (One Cloud). Maybe I wasn't ready at the time ---- I did not have much experience then. I was sixteen when I met Master Yi-Eng.

A couple of years later, when I was back in Thailand, the senior classmate Mr. cheng Sue Sue came over to help me open the Governor and Conception Meridians- That's when my real experience in esoteric practice began.

Mr. Cheng taught me the nine levels of Tao Esoteric Practice, namely,

  • ——

    Opening the Governor A Conception Meridians

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    Fusion or the Five Elements

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