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    Lesser Enlightenment of the Kan S Li

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    Greater Enlightenment of the Kan & Li

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    Greatest Enlightenment of the Kan & Li

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    Opening the Six Special Channels

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    Opening the Thirty-two Meridians

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    Gathering the Power to Restore Energy

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    Passing the Power from the Hand.

D: Did Master Yi-Eng show you any supernatural power?

C: No, he didn't. However, he was ninety then and he had no white hair. He looked sixty. He is not in his physical body now.

THE KUNDALINI METHOD D: Who was your second master?

C: When I was in my twenties, I heard about Master Meugi (Wonderful Fortune) in Singapore. I quit my job and flew over to Singapore to study with him. He taught me a form of Kunda-lini Yoga. He also taught me the Buddhist Palm which can be used to shake out blockages to the flow of life-force in the internal organs. He also taught me how to drive away the wet, sick, and cold "energy" from the patient's body system.He passed his life-force from his finger to my crown and my forehead and asked me to concentrate on my crown and my forehead. It felt very hot. Master Meugi's method produced extreme heat. I had to drink a lot of water and fruit juices, otherwise I would be constipated and unable to sleep well. I felt the power (life-force) all concentrated in myu head. I feel that Master Meugi's method is very powerful, so powerful that it could be dangerous- Later on, I combined the Kundalini, method with the Tao method to cool the body system better, making the intense heat less harmful.

Master Meugi is still living in Singapore. He is now in his fifties.

HEALING WITH LIFE-FORCE D: Did you study with any other Masters?

C: Yes, subsequently I studied with Master Pan Yu (Half-Day) and Master Cheng Yao-Lun. That's when I was in my twenties. Master Pan Yu was in his late sixties when I studied with him. In China, he was diagnosed to have liver cirrhosis when he was in his twenties. So, he sought the Tao, Buddhist and Zen methods to save his nwn life. He traveled to the Long White Mountains in Mainland China many times to study with several great masters in the mountains. In so doing, he cured his own liver hardening completely. He is now in his seventies and living in Hong Kong.

Master Pan Yu synthesized Tao, Buddhism and Zen to develop a unique system. He established the Sing Lon Pai Institute. His system is unique in that he doesn't care about opening up the Governor and the Conception Channels. He teaches his students to open up three channels in the front part of the body that run up to the head. There is some similarity to Kundalini Yoga in that the three channels he opens up might correspond to the sushumna, ida and pingala of the Yoga system. Nevertheless, when these three routes are open, the power is so great that all the other meridians are eventually forced open. I spent many long hours with Master Pan Yu. When I first visited him, he asked me to lie there for twenty days and taught me nothing. Then he taught me all the secrets in ten minutes ----- just a brief ten minutes, yet the methods were so powerful. It took Master Pan well over thirty years to gather and organise that secret method ----- but he gave it to me all, after just a short 20 days of waiting, Master Pan is still living in Hong Kong. He

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