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treats many patients everyday with his palm, transmitting his life-force to them and heal- ing their sicknesses with the Chi-Energy.

He taught me a lot of Tao philosophy. He also taught me the steel body, through which the body is made impervious to decay.

D: How about Master Cheng Yao-Lun?

C: Master Cheng is the first Chinese to create the union of Chinese Kung Fu and Thai Boxing. He taught me the Snao-Lin Secret Method of Internal Power, which is regarded as a high secret and has never before been published.He also taught me the even more secret method of "Cleansing the Marrow and Renewal of the Tendons" (Iron Shirt) . The Kun9 Fu of the Thumb" is also his specialty.

MY FIRST ESOTERIC EXPERIENCE D: How old were you when you first experienced the Chi-Energy and opened up the Governor and Conception Meridians?

C: When I was twelve, I practised Master Yun's method of concentrating at my navel. I tried very hard but felt nothing except that I slept better.

Master Yi-Eng initiate me when I was sixteen but never helped me to experience the Chi- Energy.

When I was nineteen, my senior classmate Mr. Cheng Sue Sue came to Thailand to help me open the Governor & Conception Channels and complete the Microcosmic Orbit. I felt the Chi-Energy as heat flowing in the orbit like an electric circuit. That experience changed my life and made me much stronger, healthier & more energetic than before.

THE ENERGY CHANNELS D: What's the sensation of the other meridians (Energy Channels) like?

C: In the beginning, when the obstructions in the channels were still there, I felt the life current distinctly as warmth, as heat, as vibration, as electricity and as distending fullness in various points and channels.

With practice, the energy moves faster am faster in the meridians. After Levels II air III, the energy completes a cycle per second. Howadays, the energy makes ten to twenty cycles per second in my Micro cosmic Orbit.The energy moves so fast that I can hardly feel it, except when I consciously accumulate more energy in my navel and send the energy up my spine and place my tongue against my palate---- then I feel the electric spark in my tongue indicating that the energy circulation is there.

THE ACUPUNCTURE POINTS D: How about the acupuncture points? What's the sensation like?

C: There are nine hundred points in the body. Most of the points are very small, and only very little energy pass through them and pass through them very fast. There is no time and no space for the Chi-Energy to stay at those points.

As for the bigger points, the crown (#G020, Pai-Hui), between the eyebrows (#Extra l,Yin-Tang), Ming-Men (#G04) navel (#C08, Chi-Chung) and the sole of the feet (#Ki-1 ,Yung-Chun) one can feel the Chi-Energy there more easily. If you want to feel the

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