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energy in a certain point, you have to concentrate at the point & let the energy accumulate there. The energy feels like warmth and heat at the bigger energy stations.

THE ACUPUNCTURE HERIDIANS D: Does the Chi Energy run in whatever channels it happens to drill through or is there a definite network of highways, roads and streets for the Chi to travel through?

C: The Chi Energy only run in the natural routes pretty close to the meridians of the acupuncture charts. I can feel the Governor & Conception Meridians distinctly. So can I feel the Belt Meridian, the six special meridians and another twenty four important meridians fairly clearly, especially in the beginning when the obstruction just opened up. As time goes by, the Chi moves faster and faster, and now the circulation is so fast, like lightning, like electronic flash, it is hard to keep track of them. As for the minor meridians, since there are so many of them, I can onh feel the origin of those meridians as it begins to let energy pass through. The origin felt like ants biting me, but there was no ants there and the sensation persisted and persisted.

THE MERIDIANS ARE REAL D: Some investigators of acupuncture say that the acupuncture needle opens or closes a gate in the brain, and in so doing controls pain in a distant part of the body controlled by that gate. The meridians are only hypothetical lines and has no material existence. What do you think of this theory?

C: The meridians have actual existence. Once I had a toothache. When I direct my mind and concentrate on the acupuncture point in the middle of the thumb on the same side, that acupuncture point felt very warm after a little while, and then I could feel the Chi Energy run up a meridian to the face and into the toothache area. I could actually feel the Chi working on the sick tooth, relieving the pain in fifteen minutes. I think in acupuncture, we are dealing with Chi Energy and the channels through which they travel- There is no need to hypothesize a gate in the brain.

CLAWVOYAHCE D: Do you have the power of clairvoyance?

C: Twenty years ago, I experienced clairvoyance for sometime. I could see through walls and doors. My Master told me that clairvoyance is a sensory power of the soul. To develop this sensory power well and keep it functioning, one has to channel a lot of time and energy to that end. It's not worth it. The time and energy could be better spent to change the alchemy of the body, to attain perfect health, enlightenment and immortality.

THE HEALING HAND D: Can you heal with your hand?

C: Yes, in Thailand, I healed many many people with my hand, passing my life current through the palm to heal the sickness of others. To be able to heal with your palm, you have to learn to transform the sperm powsr into Chi Energy. You can gather Chi Energy by concentrating on the acupuncture points, but there is only so much energy you can generate this way. If you need a lot of Chi Energy, you have to generate it from sperm power. In addition, after practising Level IV, The Greater Enlightenment of the Kan and Li, you can draw the Chi Energy directly from the heaven and earth. In fact, Chi can be drawn from any energy source, such as the sun, the moon and lightning etc. Only with a vast energy source to draw from can you share the healing energy with others. Going back to the practical aspect of it, one has to pull the Chi Energy (from whatever available source) up to the crown,and when one feels the energy accumulating in the crown, he can then transmit the energy to his palm and pass it on to the patient through the centre

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