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of the palm (#EH8, Lao Kung). Some healer transmits the energy through his thumb or index finger.

D: Would everyone who practise your method feelt the acupuncture points and meridians as you did?

C: The individual experience varies with the body constitution, the mental state, any coexisting sickness, the cultural background, the food they eat, the life style, the sex life, the season of the year, the effect of the moon and the sun, etc, etc.. However, tha experience of the Governor and Conception Channels are quite commonly seen. Details of the energy flow varies from person to persol although it generally conforms to the acupuir cfcure charts.

D: From my research into available literature, it happens frequently that improvement in physical and mental health precedes the sensation of energy flow in the acupuncture meridians. There are also those who somehow never managed to "feel" the energy circuits yet achieved physical and mental health benefits as well as spiritual advancement.

C: The experience of energy flow and the opening up of the energy channels also d^ends on the methodology. Students who practise under my method can usually feel the energy flow and the major energy channels.

TAO IN EVERYDAY LIVING D: Aside from being a Taoist adept, do you engage in the usual secular activities of making a living, raising a family, like most of us do here in the United States.

C: Yes, I was the manager of the Gestetner Company in Thailand. I was in charge of sales, but I was very familiar with the mechanics of its copying and printing machines also. I am married to a medical laboratory technician and we have a boy almost two year old now. Tao is everywhere. One can experience Tao as a hermit, but you can experience Tao in everyday living too.

TAOIST ESOTERIC ENCYCLOPEDIA D: I heard that you have written a book on Taoist Esoteric Meditation.

C: Yes, in co-operation with an American adept, I have written a series of twenty volumes, called, TAOIST ESOTERIC SYNTHESIS ENCYCLOPEDIA ----- Taoist Kung Fu Made Simple. The first volume named, "Have you completed the Micro-cosmic Orbit?" will soon be available in your local bookstore, especially the esoteric bookstores. Interested persons can write to me, so that I can remind -them when the book becomes available in the local bookstores.

Addendum: Teachers of Taoist Meditation besides Master Chia and currently known in the United States:- Kenneth s. Cohen Academy of Taoist Healing Arts 2750 Dwight Way, #29 Berkeley CA 94704 (415) 843-7580

Taoist teachers not listed please write to the national Clearinghouse to be included in future volumes of The Report.

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