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"Life Force", is prana, the basic energy in both Kundalini and Kripalu Yogi; the awakening of this energy is called pranotthana, a preparatory stage of Kundalini; pranotthana is often mistakenly referred to as Kundalini awakening; Kundalini comes later.

Readers are urged to read tnis article in the July-August 1980 issue of Yoga Journal so they may understand more about the Life Energy in one's body. And the interviewer, Virginia Lee, assistant editor of Yoga Journal reportedly experienced Kundalini also about seven years ago.

NON - PHYSICAL ENERGIES Robert A. Monroe, Executive Director of thi Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences (P.O.Box 57 Afton, Virginia 22920) and author of Journey Out of the Body reported in the Gateway Progra brochure that in Focus 10 (Level I of the Gate way Program: Deep Relaxation), strong energie can flow —— energies similar to electrical or vibratory sensations.He called them"non-Physical energies." He designed a series of exercises concentrated on building, and using very simple "image-inary" tools for the gathering, focusing, and distributing of these non-physical energies. It is the experience of Mr. R.Monroe and the participants of the program that these energies do affect the physical reality. This particular non-physical energy appears to be connected with the channels between the mind and "body and it is especially useful in healing.


In his numerous communications to "a group of Yoga practitioners, scientists and doctors, a Master who identified himself as one with the Source,demonstrated repeatedly to that group the pranic energy flow in the human body, and its application S control with the mind, the hands and crystals. Several episodes of energy demonstrations were witnessed by several objective observers. Although the practical experience of the group is still very preliminary, the Master mentioned repeatedly that the time for pranic healing is rapidly approaching. Prana as a basic building-block and the underlying life-force of human beings and the universe will be greatly understood and greatly utilized in short short time.


Fritz Abert Popp, editor of ELECTROMAGNETIC Bio-INFORMATION (Urban & Schwarzenberg, Baltimore 1979) said in the preface of the treatise, that since Presman published his pioneer work Blectro-magnetic Fields and Life in 1970 (Plenum Press), it has become more and more evident that biological systems can emit electromagnetic waves and also show sensitive responses throughout the whole spectral range. It seems that nature utilizes such waves for regulatory processes, or more generally, for communications within living systems. Walter Kroy reported in the treatise that laser (a pure electromagnetic signal, red 11 color) had been used on 2000 patients to treat various illnesses by stimulating the acupuncturt points and they have found the "Chi" phenomen; and fast response to treatment. Ulrich Warnke and Fritz Abert Popp reported that the healing of damaged or diseased tissue can be accelerate by the application of suitable magnetic field, particularly in fractures and arthritic diseases. An increasing number of publications point to a connection between the healing of canceroas growths and certain magnetic fields. Interested readers please refer to the treatise --- Electromagnetic Bio-INFORMATION (Urban & Schwarzenberg Baltimore).


In conclusion, the experiences of Mastf Chia and his educational endeavors in the Hi search Center for Holistic Health is a valuabi contribution to our knowledge about meditation relaxation and the Life Energy of the huma mind/body continuum --- but it is by no meanfl unique. "Life Energy" had been reported thousands of years ago in the Indian, Egyptian and Chine esoteric literatures and experienced by innume able sages at different times of human histo and in different parts of the world. More and more are experiencing it everyday in this Aquarian Age of Spiritual Awakening. Some have flreaded the uncontrollable disastrous

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